Welcome to the Jungle! A trek into the wild side of the Disney Cast Blast. We have a couple of new cast member stories for you this week. Be sure to check back next week as we will highlight the joy of being a Disney Cast Member during the holidays!

Please Watch Where You Point That Thing

Submitted by: Anonymous Skipper

I’m a Skipper at The World Famous Jungle Cruise in Disneyland and I’ve had my fair share of funny/odd interactions with guests that get on my boat!

Many guests like to try and mess with us Skippers and can get a little sassy, but we dish it right back and turn it into a laugh. However, every once and a while you get that odd guest who is dead serious and spouts off the craziest things! Well here was my odd guest….

I’m standing on my boat talking to the guests and they are being loaded and this older lady is coming up the Jungle side of the boat and sits right next to me at the front, I crack a few jokes and then this happened:

Older lady says to me: Ummmm, excuse me Miss but your not gonna fart at all are you??? Cause my face is right at the level of your butt!

Me: (while laughing) Well if you don’t laugh at my jokes…..

Older lady: Seriously tho??

Me: Aaaaaand we’re off . . .  Welcome aboard the world famous jungle cruise!!


 I, I’ve been watching you I think, I wanna know ya

Submitted by: Lady Ga Ga-rilla

I was working as an Animal Presenter near the back of the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. A fellow Cast Member and I were set up near the Galapagos Tortoise environment. Usually that area is fairly low traffic, depending on how people exit the “It’s Tough to be a Bug!” attraction. The tortoises pretty much do their thing without much notice.


On this particular day, the tortoises were rather busy ensuring the survival of their species. Fortunately, as the turtle-grunting reached its peak, a wonderful family with three children all under the age of 6 wandered upon the tortoise habitat.

Mom: Oh look! Galapagos Tortoises!

Child #1 (5, maybe 6 years old): Awesome! I wanna see!

Child #2 (just turned 4 – thank goodness for birthday pins): What’s that noise?

Dad: Sounds like the turtles are working.

Me: Actually, sir, tortoises aren’t turtles… (I’m trying desperately to salvage the situation, but alas, I am interrupted…)

Child #2: Why are they being so loud? Why are they stacked like that? (Mom & Dad, finally realizing what’s going on: …………..<awkward pause>………..)

Me: ……….well, they’re twitterpated.

Mom & Dad: <exchanging nervous looks>

Child #1: <starts giggling hysterically>

Child #2: What’s twitterpated?

Me: <stunned look>

Fellow Cast Member: You should go find Bambi and Thumper and ask them about being twitterpated!

The parents awkwardly moved on, and my friend and I just stared at each other trying valiantly not to burst into laughter, and failing miserably for our effort.

The tortoises were happily oblivious.




Submitted by: Anonymous

When Animal Kingdom was putting the final construction touches on everything some operations upper management were allowed to start going into the park before front line cast were hired.

A few months before opening we took a tour of the building that was to house guest relations. We were walking through the back hallway and as we turned the corner there were a few construction workers finishing an open area in the wall. Our Imagineer tour guide explained this would be the area where guest would be able to process their tickets or as we called it…pass processing.

One person in our small entourage asked “Pass processing for what?” The Imagineer looked at us with confusion and claimed “you know, when guests purchase passes and they have their picture taken and have the prin……” He stopped. She said “You do know that we have not taken guests pictures for passes for years….right?”

Over the next few weeks they ripped the “window” out and filled in the wall. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here folks…move along.

This was an example of the creative side not talking to the operations side of things. Imagineering designed and constructed a “window” for out-dated pass processing that had not been utilized for years and had no idea that the parks had upgraded to ATS or Automated Ticketing System.

I thought this would be an interesting fun story in a time where even ATS is now being phased out for RFID wristbands.

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