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Published on December 13, 2013 at 3:00 am with 17 Comments

Happy Friday folks!  Today’s update is choc full of fun news and information from the Disneyland Resort.  To begin with, the Flower Market has returned to Main Street U.S.A. in what we are hoping is a permanent change.  They have done some nice things to enhance the Jingle Cruise overlay and we show you what they’ve done to address initial criticism about the minimal overlay.  Over in Disney California Adventure, the holiday season takes a bright new turn with the implementation of Elf Days as part of Limited Time Magic.  Then, of course, there is the brand new 2014 merchandise already on the shelves. So, put a jingle in your step because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

The Flower Market returns

In a sudden change of pace, Center Street on Main Street U.S.A. has installed floral carts which evoke the Flower Market of old.  Acting as a sort of buffer to the crowds, the Flower Market carts, adorned with fake foliage, are a visual treat that we hope will stay beyond the holiday season!












Jingle Cruise Additions

With the icy cold reception that the Jingle Cruise received by some, the Imagineers acted fast to improve this charming, but minimal, overlay.  We are fans of the Jingle Cruise for sure, but it was admittedly anemic in the decoration department.



The queue wasn’t really the problem.  In fact, that was where most of the initial decorations were placed.  But now, they have gone in and decorated portions of the ride itself.









The Bengal Tiger returns, more yellow than ever, with a sinister accessory dangling from his sharp fangs.


The remnants of a Jungle Cruise skipper hat hang from the beasts teeth. Clever!


Now, the gorillas at the encampment have some holiday hijinks they have gotten into. This is exactly what Dusty said he wanted to see them attempt with this scene. The Gorillas have commandeered a box of holiday goodies from the overturned jeep. Perfect!





These changes are perfect and what should have been there all along. We hope that early bad word of mouth hasn’t killed the notion of Christmas on the Congo for next year.  We hope that Disney management sees fit to give this overlay a bigger budget in 2014. Not quite the perfect overlay yet, but MUCH better than the initial attempt.


New Orleans Square Under Wraps

More and more of the overhead walkways in New Orleans Square are becoming shrouded in scaffolds and screens.  This is to accommodate the reconstruction and expansion of Club 33 spaces above.







Haunted Mansion Holiday

We are just a few days away from the final door on the gingerbread advent calendar being opened.  Will it be another Jack Skellington face as all the others have been?

IMG_4405 IMG_4406





Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats

Last week we reported that the charming complex of Storybook Land Canal Boats and the Casey Jr. Circus Train were reopening last Friday.  However, it seems that either the online schedule changed or we got our dates mixed up.  So, as of now, the Disneyland Park website is reporting that these two attractions should be finished with minor refurbishments this week and should be open again by Friday the 13th of December.




Although the attraction has been down, Monstro didn’t get the bath he requires.





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Elf days

The next iteration of Limited Time magic has manifested in Elf Days in Disney California Adventure Park





To begin with, this is simply a light, elf-themed scavenger hunt through the Challenge Trail area of the park.  Guests are given a map of the area with directions to a variety of activities.  There is an eye spy to find hidden presents, a suspended bridge with bells on it, and a station where folks can learn their very own elf name.







The Gift Chute.  grab a safe, foam gift and carefully go down the slide.  Yay.





Grab your gift and slide.

In the Challenge Trail amphitheater, the area has been set up as a meet and greet with the elves along with a photo op in Santa’s Sleigh.  This is also where you can learn your Elf name.











For what it is, the Elf Days thing is pretty cute.  Kids love it and they get a kick out of being given a new name.  In the end, the cast members are the ones that really sell the concept and make it enjoyable for the kids.  Elf Days will be running from now until Sunday, the 15th.

2014 Merchandise arrives

Just in time for the new year, the new 2014 merchandise is on the shelves.  There’s nothing groundbreaking here.  There is the usual collection of shirts and snow globes, sweaters and hats. There are also some interesting Mary Blair-inspired bags that we think many of you are going to want.












Shinny New Dime

In a perplexing move, the lead singer of the wonderful Five and Dime quartet on Buena Vista Street has been given a new outfit.




Gone is the flapper style dress and in is the new orange and yellow number. We’re not sure why the costume was changed. But the show itself is as much fun as ever and provides a lot of ambiance to the area.

We’ll let the sun colored dress round out the news we have from the Disneyland Resort this week.  We would like to thank Anabella Hotel for their sponsorship of todays article and let you fine readers know about a special offer happening right now.


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We hope to see you again soon In the Parks!

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  • DisneylandMaster

    The Jingle Cruise seems more complete with the new additions! If it’s not too much, I think there are a few others that could work:

    -Replace the bananas on the floating crate with the gorilla near the waterfall with a plate of milk and cookies that say “To Santa”
    -Have the lost safari holding X-mas decorations as they try to evade the rhino (explaining why there aren’t many decorations in the jungle ;) )
    -Put ceremonial torches/lanterns in the native village almost as if they are celebrating their own holiday
    -Poinsettias at Trader Sam’s post, maybe a wreath on the elephant?

  • MickeyMario

    When do the holiday overlays on iasw, JC and HM come down?

  • martinjbell1986

    Great update as usual!

  • http://micechat.com Dusty Sage

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Flower Market on Center Street. Nice work Disney and thank you for this nod to Disneyland history. It’s the little details like this that help make Disneyland so special.

    Also, I think it’s great that they have obviously been listening to fan comments about the Jingle Cruise. While I really liked the holiday script and minor queue enhancements, it just didn’t feel complete. While it’s still a long way from what it could be with a bigger budget, I think it’s FANTASTIC that they’ve jingled the gorilla encampment and the tiger scene. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll be able to do next year.

  • parker4fm

    January 6th marks the closure of the Submarine Voyage…will it return in late 2014…?

    • Jungle Trekkie

      If rumors are to be believed the subs are never returning after January 6. Visit while you can; they may be sinking fast.

      • Baloo

        The Disney park blog says they are going down for a routine maintenance and will be re-opened in 2014 with new paint and clean lagoon

  • Cuddles McHenry

    That new dress for Dime is odd. The only thing I can think of is a warmth factor for chillier weather. Unfortunately, she looks less like an entertainer from the 20s and now looks like she is on break from her merchandising job at Elias and Co.

    • Koutesu

      Monday’s Dateline Disneyland had a picture of the new dress and you could see the “skin” that keeps her warm in colder weather. I’m not sure if the flapper dress can accommodate an extra layer.

    • pineapplewhipaddict

      The new dress looks cheap and not very 1920s. By all means, the actress shouldn’t freeze while she’s performing, but I have a hard time believing that this is the best that they could come up with. I do not like the colors at all, and they’re not very time period appropriate either.

  • EpTxGuy

    The link to the MiceChat podcast is linking to #12, not the new one, #13.

    • http://micechat.com Dusty Sage

      Hmmmm. Not sure why you are getting the old one. Both the podcast embed and the link are coming up as #13 for me. Is anyone else having trouble getting the holiday/Walt Disney version of the podcast?

  • victoriaskitten

    Congrats Dusty with your idea being implemented for JC. I look forward to hearing the new script and seeing everything next weekend.
    I am sad that the Elf Days is closing just before we come. My grand kids would have loved it.
    I am really happy with the flower carts that they have returned to the park. Anything that brings back the Disneyland of yesteryear is dear to my heart.
    We will be sure to take our last ride on our family leagacy the submarines on this trip. I am sad about it though. I do understand the need for change it’s just heartbreaking. At least we will always have the Castle and Main Street.
    Merry Christmas to All!

    • http://micechat.com Dusty Sage

      I doubt it had anything to do with me. But I’m very glad to see the changes. I’d really like to see the Jingle Cruise return next year.

  • disneylandfan8

    I would like to see a holiday overlay for the Enchaned Tiki Room. Mele Kalikimaka!

    • pineapplewhipaddict


  • pineapplewhipaddict

    The flower market is gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see it on my trip this coming weekend!

    I am happy to see that Jingle Cruise got some new additions. I know it sounds silly to some, but when I heard about the concept, all I really wanted to see was the gorillas wearing Santa hats :D