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Published on December 18, 2013 at 3:00 am with 23 Comments

Sometimes when you take a year out of your life to co-write a column with one of your best buds, you want to take a moment to look back on said year and reflect. Sometimes you even want to discuss some of your favorite moments with your friend, and share them with the readers who so loyally followed the column over the past twelve months. And sometimes, just sometimes, you want those moments to comprise the entirety of the second-to-last installment of the very column you’re reflecting on.


(Editor’s note: The last Dueling Disney column of 2013 will be posted on Monday, December 30, and will contain one final comparison between Disneyland and Walt Disney World.)

Topic 24: Reflections

Jeff: Looking back over all the things we have argued about over the past year, I can’t help but notice a common denominator: Keith won a lot. But that’s OK, because I’m much better looking than he is, AND Walt Disney World did have some pretty flawless victories, some adamant supporters in our corner. Choosing some of my favorite moments is like asking me to pick my favorite child (which is Alex, by the way. Duh.). But, I will stay steadfast, and share with you a few of my favorite things.

Keith and Jeff, enjoying some rare downtime from dueling.

Keith and Jeff, enjoying some rare downtime from dueling.

Back when I first started The Disney Project, I wrote an article comparing the mutual attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. To my surprise, WDW came out on top. I grew up going to Disneyland so I just assumed it would emerge the victor in a contest where I was the sole judge. I did not have that same arrogance going into this column, however, and was once again surprised by the outcome. As Jeff said, Disneyland did win a vast majority of the time. Could it be that A) MiceChat’s readers are that much more Disneyland-centric? Could it be that B) even though Jeff is dramatically handsomer than I am, his writing ability rivals that of a four-year-old’s when compared side-by-side with mine? Or could it be that C) Disneyland just flat-out deserved all of those victories? Take that short quiz, then find the answer below!

,q, ʎlʇsoɯ ʇnq ‘,ɔ, ɟo ʇᴉq ǝlʇʇᴉl ɐ ‘,ɐ, ɟo ʇᴉq ǝlʇʇᴉl ∀ :ɹǝʍsu∀

It’s been a fun year of writing Dueling Disney, and while this is not the official end, we have clearly run the course of interesting topics. Once Jeff gets off his butt and visits Japan, we can then do Tokyo Disneyland vs. Disneyland Paris. In the meantime, 2014 installments of Dueling Disney will appear on the site sporadically, and probably in a slightly different format. We already have a few ideas, so stay tuned for that. But it’s still 2013, and we’ve got some reflecting to do.

Jiffrinson! Got any favorite jabs, tidbits, or reader comments you’d like to share?

Jeff: Even though you took a jab at my writing skills, I will have to let it slide since you admitted I was way more, ridiculously good-looking than you are. But there is more to life than being really, really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

For example, who can forget our very first column, where Keith conceded his victory to me in his opening statement! And I quote:

“Okay Jeff, you got me here. This is a point that not only will I concede, but concede 43 times over.” – Keith Gluck.

That’s right, the very first lines ever written for Dueling Disney were Keith already backing down from the fight…before it even happened! Come on, now! That pretty much set the tone for the entire column: Jeff is better than Keith.

A lot of people forget that Dueling Disney was meant to be once a month when we first started at the beginning of the year. But we received so many comments after that first column that we decided to push for bi-weekly, so we could still have time to manage the topics, and make sure we had enough insults stored up that we could hurl at each other.

Keith: Haha. I also said this on my next turn: “However, Monsieur Heimbuch, I have only conceded that Disney World wins in resort size, because, it’s bigger! In terms of size management, you must concede that Disneyland does a much better job.” Bam.

I also liked LoveStallion’s comment in our first installment. They literally summarized your writing style in two short sentences.


Oh, the Square-Off. What was the final tally in that duel? Allow me to re-post the results here.

New Orleans Square: 1007 votes
Liberty Square: 154 votes

This was my favorite part of that duel: “It seems as if you beat me into a form of submission over here.” ~ Jeff Heimbuch

That I did, Jeff. That I did.

A few weeks later we dueled over Home State as a Vacation Destination, just to mix things up. LoveStallion makes the list a second time for one of my favorite comments!


We phoned in the heck out of that baby.

I also loved the “Best Second Gate” duel, as an incredulous Keith (a.k.a. “me”) spent half the time defending the wrong park.

Keith thought he had a chance for this one. He was wrong.

Keith thought he had a chance for this one. He was wrong.

If by “wrong park” you actually mean “the best park, ever,” then yes, you are correct!

If anything, I have to say thank you to the adamant Walt Disney World supporters out there. You guys really came out in droves to defend your home turf, even when Keith was using low blows to try to win (“Oooh, look at Disneyland! We’re the original Park! We’re better than you are!”). Even when the going got tough, and we were destined to fail (the Square-Off, for example), you guys took a step up and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So, thanks for that. There are too many defenders to mention by name, but I thank the loyal Fraternal Order of WDW Fans that came out to help me.

I’d also like to thank the millions of Disneyland Resort fans that jumped ship and abandoned Keith during the Tomorrowland Duel. He never had a chance with that one!

Keith: They didn’t jump ship. They were ordered to leave. By me.

The Resorts duel was fun, albeit a tough one for me to lose. I knew Disneyland was horrifically outnumbered, so I basically spent several hours doing research in order to compile enough data to make a compelling argument. In the end, it was all for not, and I got creamed that week anyway, haha.

War of the Watercraft was fantastic. It was so much fun reminiscing about those old school Disneyland Hotel pedal boats. And Turboman gets my nod for best comment in that duel, since he was the first one to mention the (pink) elephant in the room.


Why yes, this is the best picture in the history of the Internet.

Why yes, this is the best picture in the history of the Internet.

Speaking of comments, I also have to point out how much I enjoyed every time Disneyland Paris won one of our duels. Despite not being an option, nor being debated, it managed to win a resounding 75% of every fight we’ve had! (Guys, I’m joking. I know it didn’t actually win for real…but it won in our hearts).

At the end of the day, I do have to say I loved the things we learned throughout our various bickerings. I think we both managed to come up with some pretty amazing facts for our arguments. Now, whether they are actually TRUE or not is another matter altogether. But I will stand by the fact that Julius Swirl discovered the orange in 1843 and the Citrus Swirl was named after him. It’s written on the internet (by me), and therefore MUST be true!

Keith:  Hahaha! Disneyland Paris for the win!

I think maybe my favorite comment of the year came from OprylandUSA in our Adventureland duel. This frequent commenter beat us up once or twice over the past year, but in the end I think we were able to win him/her over! I just like being able to use the tagline: “Dueling Disney – causing physical harm since 2013.”


The Podcast episode
was also a great way for us to mix things up. I wish we had someone film us as we recorded those, because it must have looked hilarious, you and I huddled around your Zoom H4N while experiencing those attractions. Jeff, might there be more audio duels in store for 2014?? [surprised face emoticon]

It’s kinda sad, wrapping up this year of Dueling Disney. In the end, my favorite duel was probably “Best Second Gate”, since you and I had so much fun planning that one out. Regarding the comments, I totally don’t mind it when people give us a hard time. At least they’re reading! But for those who took the extra time out of their day to thank us, comment along with our articles, or even to give us praise, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU. It’s not every day you get to co-write a fun column with one of your best friends on a major Disney fan site. I had a lot of fun writing for you all, and I am very much looking forward to the project Jeff and I have planned for 2014.

What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite moments? Are you looking forward to the final installment? Are you sad for Jeff since he lost 80% of the duels? Are you sad for Keith for being WAY less attractive than Jeff?

Dueling Disney is written by Keith Gluck and Jeff Heimbuch

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Keith Gluck writes for and volunteers at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. He also runs a Disney blog called thedisneyproject.com, and travels to Disney Parks as often as he can. A fan of many facets of The Disney Company, Keith's main interest is the life and legacy of Walt Disney. For questions/comments, or to request a certain topic be covered, please send an email to: [email protected] Twitter: @DisneyProject Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Disney-Project/194569877288847

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  • clewandowski

    I soo enjoyed reading each and every post! I’m sad to see it wrap up, but hey all the best things must end. In the spirit of Disney I will hold on to the fact that sometimes they DO come back! Sometimes better sometimes worse. In any case, thanks for all your effort. I truly enjoyed reading, and shared with lots of family and friends who also love you guys!

    • http://thedisneyproject.com Keith Gluck

      Thank you SO much! I *can* tell you that Dueling Disneys will occasionally pop up in 2014, just not with nearly the same frequency.

    • Jeff Heimbuch

      Thank you so much! We both really appreciate the love and support!

  • LoveStallion

    Haha. Well it caught me off guard to see my own comments quoted in your article. Happy to provide. :)

    I’ve enjoyed this column and hope you do manage to do some comparisons of the international parks. That’d be sweet. Of course, DisneySea gets an automatic win in any category in which it might be entered.

    Aside from that, long live Keith and long live Anaheim.

    Also, the “Titanic”-esque photo on the Columbia might need to become my new desktop background.

    • http://thedisneyproject.com Keith Gluck

      Haha, thank YOU for all the fun comments over the year.

      I adore Disneyland Paris, and would love to compare it to any other park. Just waitin’ on Heimbuch!

      The best part of that photo was the looks we got the day we took it. :p

    • Jeff Heimbuch

      No, no, thank YOU for being a part of our journey! We appreciate everyone that’s been reading throughout the year.

      Also, you spelled “Jeff” and “Florida” wrong in your comment. ;)

      • Country Bear


      • LoveStallion

        I might live on the East Coast, but I am a proud Orange Countian to the core. God bless Christmas. I get to have In-N-Out tomorrow.

  • tomjmoses

    Guys, this has been a highly entertaining series of Disney debates. Keep it up! There’s tons more things to talk about. How about “Battle of the Former Attractions?” The “Wizard of Bras” vs. “Sid Cahuenga’s” perhaps?

    Seriously, Jeff (and, well, Keith as well) is the reason I keep reading and enjoying Mice Chat. Keep up the good work!

    A loyal Communicore Cadet (I have the button to prove it!) and former proud member of the Magic Kingdom Club),

    Tom Moses

    • Jeff Heimbuch

      Thanks so much for your support, Tom! It’s OK, you didn’t have to say that Keith keeps you coming back. We all know it’s really me ;)

      There will be more to come from us!!

      • http://thedisneyproject.com Keith Gluck

        I *too* got the sense that he only threw my name in there to be nice, haha! But, I’ll take it. Thanks Tom!

  • OprylandUSA

    You’re welcome.
    (and yes. you did win me over).

    • http://thedisneyproject.com Keith Gluck

      Haha! YES.

    • Jeff Heimbuch

      Awww yeah!! :)

  • Turboman

    I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now…

    Jeff and Keith – Thanks for a great series of columns. I loved reading them.

    • http://thedisneyproject.com Keith Gluck

      Thanks, Turbo! It was definitely our pleasure.

  • Praisejesus

    Hey Guys,
    It has been great reading your articles. I enjoyed each and every one of them. We love the Disneyland Resort as well as Walt Disney World. Being a California resident you could probably guess which way my mad hatter hat tip toward. I will continue to look forward to your reports. Great job and keep up the outstanding work. Thanks!

    • http://thedisneyproject.com Keith Gluck

      Thank you very much! I grew up in California myself, but I adore WDW. I even bought DVC so I could go all the time. As great as Disneyland is, it doesn’t have the Carousel of Progress. Or Epcot.

      • Praisejesus

        You are right that we have nither, however we did have the original carousel. It is a must see for us when we visit WDW. Too, over half of the dinners we eat at WDW are at Epcot. We love love their food! We always pick at least one new place every visit. New tastes every time. It’s great. Keep going strong in 2014.

  • wicked82

    Thank you gentlemen for the laughs and the insight!

    I’ve always looked forward to these articles as a sit at my cubicle, yearning for a Dole Whip.

    And I might add, you two are ridiculously handsome ;-)

    • Jeff Heimbuch

      But I’m MORE ridiculously handsome, right? It’s ok. You can admit it ;)

      Thanks for reading!!!

    • http://thedisneyproject.com Keith Gluck

      We really appreciate it!

      And, haha! Jeff is the looks, I’m just the brains. I’ve accepted my role. :p

    • wicked82

      Ok, Ok, I’ll admit

      You’re both despicably gorgeous!