The Blue Sky Cellar opened today with a revised version of the exhibit The Road to Cars Land.  As the title suggests it maps the development of this new 12 acre area in Disney California Adventure and how it came to be.  But the revision is in the main screening room where pieces of the Radiator Springs Historical Society are on display.

There are a few bits here and there in the exhibit that have been refreshed as well.

But the Screening room is where the biggest changes are. They are now presenting a slow-transition animation of how the fictitious town of Radiator Springs came to be constructed.

It isn’t something you watch as much as take in.

On either sides of the screen are cabinets filled with Radiator Springs “Memorabilia” .

Fans of the magic, animated map may be disappointed to hear that it has been removed. In its place is

The wall to the right where the Magic Map once was.

This poster almost makes up for the map being gone though.

The wall on the left holds more artwork.

The Display cases in the center of the room remain unchanged as is the rest of the room.

A collage of signage from Radiator Springs commands attention.

We suggest grabbing a glass of wine and slowly taking in all of the brilliant artwork and design on display.  It’s not as aggressive an exhibit as the others but perfectly reflects the lazy, route 66 feel of the town it celebrates.