Welcome to a very Merry Christmas edition of the Disney Cast Blast. ‘Holiday Snow Around the World’ spotlights a few Christmas stories from Walt Disney World. 

Hope you enjoy this edition and have a safe and happy holiday!


Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Soap!
Submitted by: Anonymous

I picked up a crowd control shift during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party back in 1994 or 1995. The snow machines were new and they were not on all the time and would go on and off in various intervals. I was working in front of the Emporium speaking to guests and the machines had not been on at all.

As I stood there I overheard a conversation between a boy and his mom and their unfortunate interaction with a Disney know-it-all.

Boy: Mom, how are they going to make it snow on the street?

Mom: It’s Disney magic. I’m not quite sure how they are going to do it but I am sure they have it figured out.

>pause with no interaction<

Mom: (to me) Do you know how they are going to make it snow?

Me: Well, if you wish hard enough, anything is possible! It will look as though a blizzard is moving in but without the sub-zero temperatures.

Boy: But, how are they are going to do the snow? Is it real snow? How will it not melt?

Me: It is real snow. You will just have to wait and see. Hopefully, the forecast shows some snow moving in soon.

Captain Disney know-it-all: It is real snow.

 (The three of us look at him and I smile and give a nod in appreciation of keeping the magic going.)

Captain Disney KIA: They have giant condensers on the roof of all of the buildings that generate real ice crystals and blow it out onto the street with fans. They have cooler units that pup ice cold air into the area so the ice lasts as long as possible.

(oh no, this conversation is headed in an unfortunate direction)

 Boy: So its real snow?

Captain Disney KIA: Yeah, its ice crystals and snow is ice crystals so yes it is real snow.

(At this point there is nothing Disney can do that will not disappoint this kid based on what this guy is saying. The man kept repeating himself just building up his hopes. I look at the mom when the boy was not looking and kind of gave her a look like..not exactly.)

Me: Well, the snow you may be used to is cold and icy. This is magic Disney snow so it may be a little different from what you know or are used to.

Captain Disney KIA: I know for a fact it is real ice and real snow.

(wait for it)

I know someone who works in Imagineering and they showed me (not told me…SHOWED ME) the system and how it works.

Captain Disney KIA started spouting off some details about some backstage buildings to try to gain some credibility.

I stood there for a while longer talking to other guests and the parade start time was approaching. The snow machines did finally start. Instead of ice or real snow, fine soap foam floated down from the sky and looked like a real blizzard. I looked at the Captain Disney KIA and he was looking at the soap as if it were the first time he had ever seen it. Once the boy saw that it was soapy foam he said “Hey, this isn’t real snow!”

The boy turned to tell the guy that it was not ice and mysteriously, as if he was Santa Claus himself, Captain Disney KIA disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Submitted by Anonymous

It was Christmas time at DAK (Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and a girl asked me if there were reindeer on the Kilimanjaro Safaris. As I was about to answer her, her mother said “No, because Africans don’t have Jesus.” I raised my eyebrows, smiled and walked away sweeping concrete like I had never swept concrete before in my life!



Submitted by: World Showcase Traveler

Was working International Gateway and a guest wanted the corporate address for Epcot so they could suggest turning Spaceship Earth into a giant ornament for Christmas by adding a giant hook on top.

Ghost of Disney Christmas Past
Submitted by: Amanda R.

It is common during the holidays for Cast Members to bring in food for a pot luck for those of us who have to work. It is usually not a company event but they allowed us to set up tables backstage to put food and play music. It really created a festive atmosphere even though we were at work.

When I worked at Animal Kingdom it was extra special. Bob Lamb (former Animal Kingdom Vice President) came around to different locations to talk to us and thank us for our hard work. In my 10 years with Disney I never experienced that except when I worked at Animal Kingdom. I really appreciated his kind words and the joyful memories other Cast Members helped create when we could not be with our families.

Merry Christmas to all of those wonderful people who work through the holidays to create the magic and thank you for everything you do.

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