Animal Kingdom News and Photo Tour

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Animal Kingdom, Dateline Disney World, Walt Disney World

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Published on December 27, 2013 at 2:00 am with 17 Comments

About Cory Disbrow

Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • CaptainAction

    Nice photos Cory.

    Not your fault but these photos could be 8-10 years old except for the half built Everest with all the construction support open to guests eyes. I can’t imagine Walt doing that with the Matterhorn, because he didn’t and wouldn’t.

    More evidence that WDW leadership is preserving a theme park museum for little girls under 8, and little boys under 5, and folks over 68.

    Avatar? Wow

    • FerretAfros

      You must have forgotten what the inside of the Matterhorn looked like during Walt’s days. Yes, the exterior was completely finished (much like the park-facing sides of Everest), but the inside was exposed framework. Hardly magical by today’s standards

      • CaptainAction

        Matterhorn was beyond anything created at that time. It still is amazing and a series of firsts were accomplished.

        I believe 1958? Compare it to the child’s c ticket dwarf train that has taken 3 times longer to build, and still counting, than all of Disneyland.

        Walt would fire all of the current leadership at WDW. Those that argue this are probably the current leadership of WDW.

        This is not your grandfathers WDW.

    • ParkerMonroe

      Walt wouldn’t have done (and didn’t do) what with the Matterhorn? Allow the contruction process of an 80ft tall mountain open for public viewing? I’m afraid that’s somewhat difficult to hide…


      Your opinion of Watched is too perfect, you must have just seen Saving M.r Banks.

  • Instidude

    Animal Kingdom is still a beautiful park. I remember being there when it first opened, and the way the vegetation has grown over the years really adds to the immersion in the park. It is still my favorite WDW park to take walks in, and there are so many trails that are basically un-visited, that you can always find some solitude, even on the busiest of days.

  • Malin

    Stunning photography Cory. Apologies that CaptainAction has felt the need to use this article to attempt to take a poor cheap shot at WDW only for it to be corrected by others. I was going through my own collection of Pictures from WDW last night and the level of detail found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is amazing. Easily the best themed Disney Park in the States.

    Get use to spending more time here soon Camp Minnie-Mickey is closing for good on January the 6th. Then things should start to get interesting.

    • CaptainAction


      Your definition of when things should get interesting is exactly my point. Nothing interesting here since it opened.

      I wouldn’t be looking for much until 2018 or so though. C ticket kiddie coasters currently take WDW over 3 years to build. The new Avatar plastic glow in the dark plants and Soaring film w Avatar movie will be quite a struggle for the current crop of WDW folks.

      I don’t think January 6 signifies anything for the guests.

      Then when you ad the WDW Magic Handcuffs and the ZERO enthusiasm for Avatar. Whew, nobody can even say Avatar is an exciting project with a straight face.

      We are sure that WDW will open the restaurant (mess hall) and stores, snack stands, photo op sales booths, all surrounded by rockwork fairly quickly by WDW standards because if it generates cash, WDW execs will open it first. So look for the revenue centers to open in 2018.

      • BrianLo

        Not that WDW should be free from cynicism, but I’m tired of recycled posts that hit the same salient points about the state of WDW over and over again. Every post relating to WDW doesn’t need snide off topic comments (hand cuffs, mess halls, plastic plants).

        Really… you forgot to take your jab at the tangled toilettes, fantasmic benches and the Disco Yeti.

        Now actually relating to this article, Animal Kingdom definitely ranks as the hidden undervalued gem of Disney Parks. Outside of Disney Sea it ranks up there with DLP for the second most beautiful park (in my opinion). It just needs to be fleshed out some more, which I think Avatar will do. It’s currently the only WDW park looking like (Avatar, Night Safari, Evening show) it will come out of this decade not requiring a major reworking.

      • Malin

        How could I not understand your point you make it each week. I’ve just decided to ignore it!

  • Jeff Heimbuch

    Thanks for sharing some great photos with us this week, Cory. It’s always nice when someone takes the time to wander through my favorite Full Day Park!

  • DisneyDesi

    Thank you for the beautiful photos of a beautiful park. Animal Kingdom is really underrated in my opinion. Look at all the detail and authenticity Imagineers thought of. It really is the closest thing we have to Disney Sea in the United States.

  • Big D

    I love AK. It’s so hard to pick but I think it might be my favorite park. I don’t know why it’s not more popular, but I’ll take the shorter lines anyday!

  • themur

    AK is the most under appreciated park in the US. It is absolutely a park of discovery. If you slow down and take things in you will be rewarded.

    Thanks Cory for doing that for those of us who are far away!

  • Baloo

    Thank you for sharing these pictures, I love animal kingdom and enjoy its Beauty more than any of the other three parks.

    I really wish that management would bring back the boats that used to give guests the nice quiet ride around the waters of DAK.

  • tofubeast

    Stunning pictures. I love walking around AK and just soaking in the scenery. Oh, and I am actually very much looking forward to Avatarland.

  • danielz6

    AK needs more and better rides. Expedition Everest is the only one worth riding imo because everything else (dinosaur, Kali) is done better at other Parks. I don’t think anything in the States comes close to Disney sea.