Hello, and welcome to a Saturday edition of Dateline Disney World! This week, it was cold and crowded at the Magic Kingdom. Let’s take a look at the tail end of Christmastime at Disney World.

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Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!

Due to the new bus loops at the park, you can now catch a bus directly from MK to DHS or AK.

With huge crowds, late hours are still going strong.

Christmas is still in the parks, for now.


70 minutes for Winnie the Pooh, an  hour for Little Mermaid, 110 minutes for the Belle meet and greet. Yikes!
It was in the 40s and 50s this week, so Disney plopped a Hot Cocoa cart right in the middle of the hub.

Scrims up almost backstage on Main Street.
There was even a 15 minute wait for the Treehouse!!

This blue scrim has been up for weeks and has not been covered with any theming.

Long waits continue..

MagicBand merchandise now available in the parks.

Gold Oak Outpost was serving to help handle crowds.

Lots of people.

Short wait for Splash though thanks to cold weather.

Big Thunder had these tacky masking tape switchbacks.

Blue scrim visible from other parts of the park. Still ugly.

Busy days are great opportunities to go to places like Tom Sawyer Island and soak in the details.

Tarps up near Haunted Mansion.

High winds were around along with the cold.

Village Haus has completed its refurbishment on the outside and now has 4 large trees planted, which is very nice and should provide a bit of shade in the summer.

Time for our normal round of Mine Train photos. It feels like I’ve been covering this for almost two years…

Some of the walls have come down, which is really great to see.

Also on the other side near Mermaid.

On to Tomorrowland.

Huge crowds here too!

No thanks.

That’s a wrap for us for this week! Have you ever braved the crowds in the crazy busy post Christmas period at WDW? Are you getting past tired of waiting for the Mine Train to open? Let us know in the comments.

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