Welcome to 2014! We have a couple of new stories for you today in a post we like to call “Free Cake in My Purse.” People like free stuff and will do just about anything to get it and if they don’t you will know about it. Enjoy the latest from the Disney Cast Blast!


I worked in outdoor foods in the mid to late 1980’s in Mickey’s Birthdayland. We had a cart that sold small birthday themed cakes like cupcakes. From what I can remember, the cakes were $2.95 or more, but that was many years ago. The cart was located right outside the main tent where there was a show that featured Mickey popping out of a cake with streamers and confetti. The tent smelled like birthday cake and it was neat for a “temporary” show.


As the crowds exited the main tent after one show, a lady approached me explaining how much she enjoyed meeting Mickey at the birthday party. She then requested a cake that was on display. I gave her the total for her order and she said “Oh, I do not want a drink I just want the cake.” I smiled and told her that the price I quoted was for the cake. She was shocked by how we could invite her to Mickey’s Birthday Party and not give her a piece of cake.

She then said something that I would never forget. “I paid to get in here to see a mouse and ended up being stood up by a rat!” She then walked off and I put the cake back in the case.

Got Your Purse?

It was about 45 minutes before closing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and I was working the guest relations window.  A younger couple approached the window and explained that they had left his girlfriends purse at the camera shop right inside the park. I told them that I would let them in to go to the shop to get the purse. Normally I would have only allowed one of them in but it was a ghost town and not that big of a deal. I told them to go to the turnstile and ask the main entrance Cast Member to look over and I would wave them in since I was by myself and unable to walk them in.

** NOTE – At Walt Disney World, Guest Relations Cast Members have the ability to walk guests in for justifiable reasons.

They walked to the other end of the turnstiles and spoke with the Cast Member who then looked over at me for the signal and I waved to go ahead and let them in. At this time a security Cast Member came to the window, as they usually did in the evenings, and I explained what was going on with the couple. Not because I did not trust them, but because there was nothing else to talk about.


The two guests entered the park and I watched them as they walked past cash control, then strollers and wheelchairs and then the camera shop. What? Wait. They were supposed to go to the camera shop to get the purse. I stood up and witnessed them walk about a dozen steps past the camera shop and give each other a high five as they continued to walk into the Oasis.

I jumped up and told the security Cast Member to come with me and we ran out through the front and met them halfway through the Oasis. I asked them if they got the purse OK and they looked at each other like deer in headlights. I then said “Now that you have your belongings we can help you find the exit as we agreed upon.” Security walked them out of the park. No ticket. No purse. No sneaking in the park.

 Quick Complaints

A man once complained that a piece of rock fell from the ceiling of the “cave” and hit him on the forehead in Pirates of the Caribbean.

A guest complained at Spaceship Earth that something was burning and on fire. The Cast Member asked if they actually saw flames. The guest said no but could smell the smoke. Before the Cast Member sprang into action he asked if the guests remembered about where in the ride he could smell the smoke. He said he only smelled it around the area where Rome was burning.

Quick Compliments


A man came into Disney’s Animal Kingdom Guest Relations when the park first opened. He wanted to leave a compliment based on the float units in “Festival of the Lion King” and how they were much improved over the Lion King floats used in the “Lion King” parade previously at Disneyland. (The same floats were used for both)