We have a bit of catching up to do with MiceChat’s Haunted Mansion show today. There are two videos that we lost track of over the holidays and we want to get them out to you right away. You’ll find two really fun shows below featuring the Ghost Host.

Haunted Mansion Show Episode 2

This looks rather innocent; just another webshow, but there’s a twist. This webshow is haunted! Join your Ghost Host as he presents a show that will be so entertaining, it’s scary….or not.

Haunted Mansion Show Episode 3

It’s that time of year again when Sandy Claws
Visits the Haunted Mansion and wrecks all the halls!
Ghoul-tide secrets lay hidden inside and out,
But how many of them do you really know about?
Your Ghost Host is hear to fill up your stocking
With spine-tingling know-how (some might be quite shocking).
The rest of the spooks like to wish you right here,
“Have a Scary Christmas and a Haunted New Year!”