New Year’s Eve and Three Kings Day wrap up Disneyland’s busy holiday season

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Published on January 06, 2014 at 6:22 am with 46 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • FerretAfros

    Interesting that they’re closing the Jungle Cruise for 3 days to remove the holiday overlay. Wasn’t it all installed during overnight hours? I wonder if there is some other work planed for that time too

    • judearmstrong

      there isn’t too much you can do in 3 days. Maybe some maintenance on some annomatronics but thats about it. It will mostly be cleaning and maybe a little painting

    • MrTeeLee

      Hopefully get the waterfall working again. Was dry and not working on the 2nd.

    • DisWedWay

      They need to repaint the 27 foot Python snake but that will take longer than 3 days.

  • Instidude

    I’m thinking that Cal-OSHA is working hard to ruin the theme park business in the state!

  • amyuilani

    It’s too bad that the Skyway load station couldn’t be some easter egg-like spot that you have to notice something cool in, like the queen above snow white.

    • billyjobobb

      every time I go I make it a point to see it and point it out to whoever is with me.

  • heysi

    I’m thinking that some people on here don’t see that the safety rails are being added to improve worker AND guest safety! Every single update has derogatory comments about the railings being put in. Has any of the railings been left out where guests could see them?? Maybe at first but people, this is Disneyland. They have done so much to make them blend in with the rest of the theming. So quit whining.

    • Baloo

      I don’t think its whining about the rails being installed but about the drastic changes that some have caused to the overall look of some areas especially when the park has run for over 50+ years ok without major incidents but all of a sudden.

    • MiceChat believes strongly in worker and guest safety. However, we also think that many of the recent changes are overreaching and mostly unnecessary. Rides and attractions which have operated safely for over 50 years are suddenly being forced to add railings in places that really don’t need them. Do YOU Have a big ugly railing on the roof of your house? Nearly every building at Disney is getting them.

      • Disneylandguest

        “Do YOU Have a big ugly railing on the roof of your house? Nearly every building at Disney is getting them.”

        You’re wrong. Did you forget that the Fantastyland attractions recently got extensions that are themed to be castle walls? They are not ugly railings at all, and no one even notices them.
        Plus, the whole “Alice” situation was a temporary solution.

        Also, don’t give me that “mostly unnecessary” nonsense. You know very well that whenever a cast member has gotten injured (especially from height heights) in the past, miceage has always gone the “Shame on the park for not having safe conditions” route.

      • Disneylandguy55

        Wow, you think you want to not attack people who posted on your site, Dusty.

      • Country Bear

        Always nice to see posts from Disneyland management.

      • heysi

        We seem to be forgetting our Disneyland history. There are hundreds of accidents at Disneyland every year and while only a few have been “Major incidents”, they do create an issue for the park as a company (something people fail to remember every single day on here) and I’m sure the money spent on the team of lawyers they have hired just for the “slip & fall’ crowd would look like the budget for a Pirates film. A few railings and a bit of theming cost much less than lawyers and lawsuits. While the railings look unattractive when first put up, nearly all of them have been themed over as time has gone on. Theming over a railing on an existing building isn’t a simple matter of slapping on some paint and plaster. The area available for the railing might not even be within existing conditions. We’re talking about buildings that have been up since before most of the CAL/OSHA regulations were written so all of that has to be accounted for. And once the railing is installed, it requires a field visit to see where the railing is visible and come up with a solution to cover that railing with appropriate theming that blends in so that the “average” park visitor won’t notice it. This isn’t a one day fix, its a multi-week undertaking that requires approvals by the city and other agencies (also something that requires lawyers and lots of extra money). The “temporary” scaffolds around Alice are an example of how difficult this “simple” solution is for Imagineers. They’ve had years to come up with something that is safe and attractive and a perfect fix is just not available.

        Sometimes you people sound like the neighbor that complains when someone plants a new tree and complains that it looks out of place or scrawny. Fast forward a few years and the tree has grown and become part of the overall landscape, blending in nicely with the neighborhood. Give the park some credit. They’ve never left a scrawny tree out forever. Oh sure, I’ll admit that there are a few eyesores around the park (America Sings Building, to name just one) but the people that design the Magic see these eyesores and want to do what they can to improve them. Try to take more than a passing glance at this issue and you’ll realize that this is all in the parks best interest and a few years from now you won’t even notice the “hidden” railings. Instead you’ll be upset over a popcorn cart that the park had repainted in a new color.

    • Internitty

      I smell a marketing intern

      • heysi

        You would be mistaken. Just a Disneyland fan. But one with reasonable expectations and less prone to hysterics.

  • bayouguy

    So, when will my magic + be fired? And all the clueless folks who worked on that?
    Happy New Year to all. Seems like a long way for the next holiday festivities.

    • Internitty

      It makes such good business sense to pull money from your best performing property to prop up a billion dollar money pit. Why can’t the board see how they are wasting money on the MM+ project at the expense of projects that would have brought millions of return and new guests to both DLR and WDW AND it has been stated that Disneyland itself might not even get MM+ in the end because of the completely different guest demographic.

  • wonderpeep

    I really love the Nemo subs, hope they keep them. The lagoon is a priceless scenic element in the park!

    • Baloo

      I don’t mind if they remove the subs but it would be nice if they found a way of incorporating the outside part of the lagoon to waterever new is built

      • renderman7

        I personally want the subs to go, and i would like to see them shrink the lagoon, just a bit and build a new show building where the current underground one is, they could then put the nemo ride from epcot in there instead.

        that being said i doubt it would happen, seems like the closure might have been planned for the star wars expansions that may or may not go ahead..

    • Internitty

      I love the subs too.
      It’s great for adults who have enjoyed the subs as kids to want them gone, who gives a darn about all the kids to come who would have loved them too.

  • johntodd

    I think the fake flowers really -were- for sale, but nobody bought any of them, so they closed the flower stand.

    That’s what-I- think. 😉

  • Algernon

    The leaves at the end of Alice in Wonderland were the best part of the ride. My little niece and nephew used to love feeling like they were about to go off the edge. And I really hate all the safety railings and paving stones. That’s why I will be purchasing the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses when they come later out this year. Hopefully, I will be able to visit a past version of Disneyland, before the Nemo Subs, safety railings, and paving stones. It will be good to ride on the Peoplemover and Skyway again, just like I was there. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before somebody recreates past versions of Disneyland for every year it has been open, complete with the people of that time walking around all around you—as they slowly destroy the current Disneyland, bit by bit, turning it into an extravagant Coney Island.

    • Indy Fan 1

      No it is NOT.

  • Klutch

    I’m wondering who in Sacramento Disney ticked off. Are other California parks, like Knott’s and Universal, being overrun with unnecessary railings everywhere?

    Thanks for the update!

    • TacAlert

      NO. Disneyland is doing this voluntarily. Hence why Miceage always says Alice in Wonderland was closed volutarily.

      There is no one making them do this.

      • Klutch

        Actually, Disney is not installing handrails all over the park voluntarily. They are doing so because Cal/OSHA is making them do it. Just wondering if it’s only Disney Cal/OSHA is dogging.

    • Internitty

      I thought after the third new set of safety rails, disgruntled ex employee

  • tooncity

    Once again Disney Corporate has returned to the tone-deafness era of Pressler. Running the park for wall street instead of the customers who are paying a $100 a head. Disneyland makes tons of money, with a small, small percentage of that being re-invested.

    Time to make them hear you folks. Let your Passes expire without renewing. Stop taking your out of state relatives to the park on the holidays. Just stop going folks. Most people go to the park out of their loyalty to the past. I get it. But if you love the park, make them hear you. You’ll live, you can take some time off until they get the message.

    • Disneylandguest

      The subs will reopen. Absolutely no reason to think otherwise at this point.

      As a matter of fact, Disneyland photographer MintCrocodile recently gave very logical reasoning for why he feels that the ride WILL reopen;

      Here is what he says;

      “I believe that the Submarine Voyage will go down for a refurbishment that will unfortunately take almost a year to complete.

      A few have mentioned that Disney has done if before in the past. They would state an attraction will be going down for a refurbishment (Rocket Rods) or a parade (Light Magic) will get some retooling, only to have them never return. But you see, Rocket Rods and Light Magic pretty much got a bad rap from the start. And with the constant issues they had, those in charge (like Michael Eisner, Paul Pressler, and Cynthia Harris) didn’t want to admit their mistakes. So what did they do to save themselves the embarrassment of publicly getting rid of something? Why just say they are going to get refurbished and fine tuned. That way, as time goes on, Disneyland will distract the Guests with something else so that they forget about Light Magic and Rocket Rods.

      But now it’s a different time with different people running the Parks. With an attraction that’s been in operation for nearly 6 1/2 years, if they were going to get rid of it, I think they would just come out and say “with the changing times of today and the needs to serve our Guests with better experiences, the Submarine Voyage will be closing yadda yadda yadda.”…you know, the typical canned reasoning Disney PR always gives. And knowing Disney, if a “beloved” attraction is about to go away forever, they will try and milk it as much as they can with merchandise and any other PR stunt they can throw at it.”

      • Country Bear

        I think Disney could resolve this issue with a simple statement from John Lassiter. Have John publicly say that the subs are going down for some much needed renovation and will be back up again in the fall of 2014. That would shut everyone up because Disney wouldn’t dare publicly make a liar out of John Lassiter.

        Simple fix to shut us all up about this issue once and for all. Great PR move for Disney as well, as they are certainly taking a beating over this one.

    • Disneylandguest

      “Most people go to the park out of their loyalty to the past.”

      No, not necessarily. I’m sure that many people still go because they still enjoy the place and they just don’t agree with your opinion.

    • Indy Fan 1

      So the Walt Disney Company isn’t allowed to make a profit? This is a capitalist country and they have the right to. If they aren’t then it’s called communism.

      • tooncity

        Nobody said that. Disney please make lots of money. But IF people are complaining about he park and what the COMPANY is doing to the park. Then vote with your wallet. Don’t go. It’s OLD and Dated and they’re closing even more rides. Cramming more and more people into the park. Pressler oops Bob Iger hasn’t have built anything of significance in Disneyland for 20 years. Disneyland is a CASH COW, that the Company uses to pay for their idiotic mistakes. Disneyland really is just a rip off. You can love it, but it’s overpriced.

        Same goes for Walt Dated World.

  • Greater Kundah

    Has anybody else noticed that the Wait Times board no longer has the Finding Nemo Subs on it? It’s been gone for quite some time (I checked back and it was still there in a Dateline Disneyland update in September) but didn’t notice it until yesterday and thought it curious considering Big Thunder is still on there but has been closed for refurbishment for a year now and Nemo is “scheduled” to reopen this fall.

    • Country Bear

      Good point.

  • renderman7

    i think will all the extra safety installs it would be cheaper and better if they build all the uniforms for maintenance people out of bubble wrap..

    also, I honest did not know that the skyway building was even there.. its a shame that something from disneylands history is being removed..but perhaps the building is to old to repair. I would love to see that space taken up by a nice meet and greet location for classic characters..

  • garyman

    According to Disney Website BTRR is off the refurb schedule on 2-1-2014.

    Great Update as always

  • mondo

    “Murmurs online say that the ride (BTMRR) will reopen without the moving boulders in the ride’s earthquake scene”
    What is the reason?

    I thought the original Submarine Voyage was very expensive to operate with low capacity. Why did they bring it back and then a few years later close Nemo Subs down when it would have the same problems? Did they really thought it would be different this time around? Anyways, I believe/hope it is only a long, needed refurb and will reopen. Even if it needs to be seasonal.

  • Disneylandguest

    There is a misconception that there are no animatronics or real figures in the Nemo sub ride. FALSE. There ARE actual figures and animatronics on the Nemo Submarine Voyage. They are the following (in order);

    -sea bass
    -scuba diver
    -giant clams
    -sea turtles (including a figure of Squirt) with a figure of Nemo
    -Angler fish
    -jelly fish

    So, for those people who claim that there are no animatronics of figures on the Nemo Submarine Voyage, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • BrerDan

    Regarding the boulders in Big Thunder Mountain being removed, I’m guessing they;ll replace them with more effective digital projections. The last time I rode Big Thunder, the boulders were already stationary and they had added a minor digital projection a while back. With the “tech” behind the boulders perhaps being a bit dated, and the accident in Paris (about a year ago boulders actually fell on guests, who were injured), I could see them replacing the boulders with enhanced projections. For me, it’s a shame, as I love the old-fashioned approaches to setting a scene, but it makes sense.

  • themur

    We now get to read about rumored changes to rumors…….priceless!

  • Country Bear

    Thanks for the great update Andy.

    As I looked through the list of planned closures and “refurbishments” it seems to me that there are an awful lot of E Tickets on that list at the same time. I am not used to visiting the Disneyland Resort in the spring months, but doesn’t it seem odd that there would be THAT many major attractions closed at the same time? Puts the value of visiting at this time into question as I assume the gate price doesn’t drop for this?

    Just looking for some feedback on that point.


    • Internitty

      I was thinking that too, I wouldn’t go near the resort as a tourist until at least September

  • mickEblu

    I always find it interesting when I see comments that say Disneyland hasn’t added anything new in in a long time. If you look at Disneyland itself then yes, nothing really significant since Indiana Jones. However, I believe you have to look at the resort as a whole and notice they built a brand new park!