The Walt Disney Birthplace Preservation Project just completed an ambitious Kickstarter campaign. How did they do? What’s next?


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  • toonaspie

    Is there anyway to expand the time-length for the Kickstarter project? It’s quite possible that people were unable to access the internet during the four days due to the snowstorm in the eastern half of the country. I lost my internet for a couple of days due to the storm. Plus I was not even aware of the Kickstarter project until this article.

    • Werner Weiss

      The way Kickstarter works, there’s always a defined time period. Each funding campaign ends at an exact, pre-defined point. Sometimes, when the financial goal is not met, the project is dead. Fortunately, the Walt Disney Birthplace project is alive and well. There will be other opportunities to help make the Walt Disney Birthplace restoration a reality.

  • Hastin Zylstra

    Kickstarter projects that do extremely well, appeal to specific genres of items (such as comics, video games, movies, etc.) – in general it’s entertainment. Mainly because backers ‘get’ something for their backing money. Essentially, it’s funding an unguaranteed pre-order. Objects that the backer doesn’t receive in-hand can be a much harder sell.

    Still, it was a great effort, and I can’t wait to see it restored. It’s a fantastic project, and Kickstarter funding or not – it should be a great place.

  • Sir.Mouse

    This project seems better suited for Indie GoGo, a crowd funding site that caters more towards human interest projects and cultural endeavors like this one.