I admit it.  Not only am I a Disney geek, but I’m kind of a real life geek, too.  So, it should come as no surprise that I have done all of the things mentioned here and had a great time doing ‘em!  So, embrace your inner geek and start planning.

1. Wear Matching Outfits

Or at least shirts.  I’ll catch an occasional groan or raised eyebrow, but the family indulges me at least one day per trip in this nerdy tradition.  A great gal I went to high school with makes some of the most popular tie-dye tees around the Disney community, so that’s often our team uniform for the day.  Not only is it extremely easy to spot each other, but we always get a fun reaction from characters and cast members.  Geeking it up in matching tees also shows cast members you’re ready to have a good time and aren’t afraid to show it, which can result in getting chosen for special things in shows, games, etc.  Not to mention it looks nice in pictures when everyone is coordinated.


Get Park Wise: Not geeky enough to pull this off?  Consider coordinating colors, don your home team’s logo or have everyone choose a favorite character tee to wear instead.  It won’t be the exact same effect, but you’ll be one step closer to letting that inner nerd shine.

2. Wear Crazy Disney Hats

No, ball caps don’t count!  Buy some ears and Mickey up!  It’s classic.  It’s tradition.  Just do it!!  If Mickey ears don’t appeal to you, consider a goofy Goofy hat, a sparkling Minnie ears headband or partner up and go with Chip and Dale toppers.  Yes, you’ll look silly, but so will the other ten thousand people running around with cartoon animals on their heads.  Disney is no place to be self-conscious, so pick your favorite lid, and wear it with pride!


3. Participate

If Cinderella engages you in a conversation about your Prince Charming, don’t brush her off.  If her step-sisters ask if you’re eligible, give them an emphatic yes and enjoy the result.  When the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party rolls down Main Street, don’t play it cool.  Let the music move you and shake your bootie!


No one remembers “that one time at Disney when mom was perfectly dignified.”   You’re not going to see most of the people around you again, so who cares if you look like a total dork?  Give into the fun and let loose.  Those are the moments we remember (and hopefully someone catches on film for blackmail later)!

And pose like a dork when the photog asks. We’ve been laughing about this picture since October. We’re looking at…nothing!

How do you geek out at Disney?