Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first UUOP of 2014.This is the first of our new “weekly” shows and our first dedicated news episode.

On this show we discuss an interesting survey that Universal Orlando sent out to people who had attended this years Holiday events at the Orlando parks, which includes some more potential competition for the Disney World parks.

Following that we discuss the full line up of events at the “A Celebration of Harry Potter” that will take place at Universal Orlando between January 24th and January 26th.

It is lining up to be an incredible event, that is a must attend for any Harry Potter fan and the best thing of all? It’s included with your regular admission.

We also cover a little bit of other news as well.

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So, until next week……

Be Adventurous!


  • BradyNBradleysMom

    I made it to the 3:14 mark in this and couldn’t listen any further. Too much overtalk, giggling, and lack of information. I love the idea of this podcast, just not the execution. Maybe have just two speakers next time? And plan out in advance things to tell us so there’s not that much giggling and lack of direction.

  • Lee Mallaby

    Hi Bradynbradleysmom,
    I’m sorry you felt you couldn’t listen passed 3:14, we like to have a warm friendly atmosphere on the podcast and this means that sometimes we may have a joke, as we are all friends.
    I hope you will give the podcast more chances as we feel we provide a friendly, informative, interesting and entertaining podcast.
    Thanks for your input.