Take a look at the colorful edges on the neon ice cream cone swirls. The colors tell you that this place sells vanilla soft-serve ice cream with your choice of a colorful flavor swirled in—cotton candy, grape, orange, lemon, butter pecan, bubblegum, strawberry, or chocolate.


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  • fjhuerta

    The only way DCA will ever become an acceptable 2nd gate will be when they finally get rid of the last dumb pun in the park. I mean, seriously… Who on earth thought a theme park could be built where almost every attraction or store has a stupid name attached to it?

  • hannibal8

    I really miss the butter pecan cone from the original Catch a Flave. It was my favorite. The only problem was, like many food locations in the early days of DCA, it was closed quite a bit. It was nothing more frustrating than walking all the way across the park just to find the windows closed and people poking around the empty stand. Luckily, if you still have that craving for butter pecan ice cream, you just have to drive down Harbor Boulevard to Petrucci’s.

  • Imagineer2B

    I used to frequent this location when it was Catch a Flave…now that it is just plain soft serve without the infused flavors I don’t event bother. This is actually one of the few things that I miss from DCA 1.0, although the new aesthetic is much more appropriate, albeit rather plain. Bring back the flavors!

  • Princess Victoria

    I miss the flavor swirls. The butter pecan was delicious. It’s a real shame they did away with them in favor of generic ice cream flavors. You can get flavor swirls at county fairs, restaurants, and even some gas stations. It’s a bit hard to believe Disney got rid of them because of them being too expensive.

    • Werner Weiss

      A 5-star review at Yelp provides a clue as to why Disney replaced Catch a Flave’s unusual flavor swirl machines with conventional soft serve machines.

      The link is http://www.yelp.com/biz/catch-a-flave-disneys-california-adventure-anaheim and the date is 10/10/2009. Tricia M., who identified herself as a former cast member at Catch a Flave, wrote (among other things), “And on rare occasions, the two machines may be temperamental and it will be closed all day. Trust me, it is NOT easy to fix or clean those machines. It’s messy, it takes hours, and you go home smelling like edible lubricant. But without those machines, they can only sell drinks.”

      It seems Disney may just have wanted to ditch the temperamental machines in favor of something more dependable. I didn’t include this in the article because I don’t know if it’s the real reason.

      • Princess Victoria

        Thanks for that, Werner. That’s a logical explanation that makes sense. It’s a shame, though. That ice cream was my favorite treat in the parks.

  • DobbysCloset

    There must be some proprietary machinery involved that Disney is too cheap to license…even though this sounds like a delicious addition to park food favorites like Dole Whip and churros. I pretended for a moment that I was at DLR on a very hot day pretending to be on the Venice boardwalk enjoying a safe and sanitary soft serve with lemon swirl…it helped dispel the clouds and gloom outside, if only for a moment. Thanks for sharing something new about Dobby’s favorite subject, food.