Welcome to episode number four of the DoomBuggies Spook Show, a podcast “dead-icated” to fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions, and other spooky things. In this episode, we discuss a listener’s “Top Ten Questions About the Haunted Mansion,” since they echo many questions regularly asked about this seminal haunted attraction and its characters. What exactly is inside of that big Haunted Mansion building facade? Will Guillermo del Toro ever come through with his proposed movie treatment of the Haunted Mansion? Does Tim Burton support the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay? Get the DoomBuggies perspective on these and many other topics. In Spook Show news, Rolly Crump will be signing Marvel’s “Seekers of the Weird” comics at Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim; the Disney Parks Blog unveils new Haunted Mansion artwork for upcoming merchandise, and a DIY special effect. Plus, a listener tells a ghost story, buying and selling Haunted Mansion merchandise opportunities – and more!

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  • EasyRover

    Great show! In discussing what is in the façade building at Disneyland, I always wondered what the inside of the façade is like at Walt Disney World. I assume it is similar however there are no elevators. Plus, I always wanted to walk up on the grass and enter the mansion through the front door (although I’m sure it doesn’t even open).

    • Me too! I’ve always wanted to enter via the front door of the Mansion in Florida!

  • Jeff…Dude…This podcast is SO GOOD!! Love it my friend!


  • Thanks, Doug! It’s a pleasure to produce.

    I wish I had more insight into the WDW Mansion facade, but I don’t. Sure looks bigger than Anaheim’s, but that impression may be enhanced by the architecture.

  • Kuzcochik

    In case anyone is interested in the Seekers of the Weird signing w/ Rolly Crump and a slew of Imagineers at my comic shop (Beach Ball Comics) this Saturday at 1pm. Here’s the event info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/580795532000378/ ^_^