Hello, and welcome to this week’s Dateline Disney World! We are into the new year now, and that means it’s refurb season. I was going to visit a different park this week until a pleasant surprise brought me back to the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Let’s see what it is!

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Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!

If you look closely in that shot, you may notice something. The “Let the Memories Begin” banner that has been up for a few years now has finally been taken down. This was one of my main reason for visiting MK this week. Here are lots of photos of one of the most photographed areas of the park.

Sure, the shrubs may not be level, and the grass might be rather dead, but those issues should be fixed soon. Here’s hoping it stays this way, as I really love the classic entrance, you know, the way it was designed . . . without all the extra marketing.

Refurbishments have also started all over the park in typical January fashion.


No more Christmas.
Also, no more afternoon parade, as it ended its run (finally) last weekend.

Casey’s Corner is closed as is its seating area.

The Aladdin meet and greet area and adjacent gift shops are all down for refurbishment.

The Jungle Cruise is “jingling” no more.

Walls up at the Tiki Room.

Fair-weather restaurants like Tortuga Tavern are closed again since they are no longer needed to handle crowds, even though I would appreciate the more unique food offerings to stay open year round.

With no parade running, these walls are up in Frontierland on the parade route.
Splash Mountain is down for its annual clean up.

This time they are visibly doing work right off the bat.

Frontier entertainment.

Weekly Mine Train photo time.

Finally, this project REALLY feels like it is moving quickly.

The normal stand for Maurice’s popcorn in New Fantasyland was missing this week.

Cosmic Rays outdoor seating area is going to be glassed in and have air conditioning added to it. I’m torn on this, AC is great in the summer, but there really is nothing like a Cinderella Castle photo from here with a nice breeze during the off season.

Heading out of the park, more Christmas window displays are back to normal.

That does it for this week. I swear, I won’t be reporting from MK next week unless something huge happens there! Which park would you like me to visit next? What do you all think of the removal of that ugly banner out front? Happy to see so many refurbishment projects happening at once? Let us know in the comments!!

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