Nature Calls of the Wild – Sometimes you just have to go. This week we have three great new stories to share from the jungles of Disneyland to old frontiers at Walt Disney World. If you have a story to share, send them to [email protected]! Alllllllllrighty then…..enjoy!

It Truly IS a Jungle Out There!

Submitted by Connie


While a Jungle Cruise Skipper at Disneyland Resort back in the late 90s/early 2000s I once caught a father encouraging his toddler (4-6 year old) to urinate off the docks into the river. Diaper down and wee-wee in hand. There’s a clearly labeled restroom RIGHT ACROSS THE PATH from the Cruise, visible from the exit.

Will the REAL Ace Ventura Please Stand Up

Submitted by St. Hooch


While working at Disney-MGM Studios in the mid-90’s I was on the “opening team” for the “Ace Ventura Pet Detective – LIVE in Action!” show. It wasn’t a major show but it actually was a crowd magnet and surprisingly had quite a few onlookers. We noticed New York Street would be packed 20 to 30 minutes prior to each show and then would empty out within 10 minutes of the show starting. The show was not that long to begin with but strange people would wait longer for the show to begin and not even stay for the whole thing. Then we quickly put the pieces together on why this non-hit was such a strange beast.

The following is my recreation of the sort of conversation I’d end up having with a guest for just about every show:

Guest: Excuse me but what time will he be here?

Me: The Ace Ventura show begins at 2:00pm.

Guest: Will he take photos and autographs or is he just doing the show.

Me: Ace will be available after the show for pictures and autographs.

Guest: Wow. Ok. So how did they get him to do this? I mean its really him right?

Me: (Staying in theme and attempting to keep the magic alive) Well, Ace is very busy and he decided to set up a temporary office here at Disney MGM Studios.

Guest: I mean Jim Carrey. I am so excited to meet him.

Me: Well, Jim Carrey portrayed Ace Ventura and we really wish he could be here to meet Ace.

Guest: So Jim Carrey is not here? You said he would be here at 2:00pm?!?!?

Me: Sir, I said Ace Ventura would be here at 2:00pm not Jim Carrey.

Guest: That is not what you said. Oh well……let’s go. Jim Carrey is not here.

Once guests realized that Jim Carrey was not on stage or not going to be there, they would leave. We were trained to never mention Jim Carrey or even suggest he would be there but guests were always expecting him. I think this one kind of backfired when it came to guest satisfaction.

 Ahhhh Splash Mountain…What a Relief

Submitted by Anonymous


Worked at Splash Mountain during the summer of 1996. Was working “tower” where there are about 15 to 20 monitors allowing us to watch for guests trying to jump out of the logs and any other problems we might see. The section before “c lift” is the laughing place show scene. During this portion of the ride, a man picked up his son and pulled his pants down allowing him to pee in the flume. Over the mic I announced “Please remain seated at all times.” Because there was really is no way to stop the boat until they reached the pre-lift, all I could do was ask them to stop and sit down.

The child finished and the man put his hand in the air and waved as if everything was ok. Not much we could do at the time and a Cast Member pulled him to the side to ask him in the future to please use the proper facilities.

The flume is treated but is still filled with machinery fluids, people pour drinks in it, spit, etc. A week or so later, a small group was going through and having a good time rocking the boats (or trying to anyway) and trying to have fun. They were really caught in the moment. All of a sudden a guest on the right side, row three, leans up and over the side of the log with a water bottle and fills it in the flume…while moving. No worries of possibly getting your hand crushed if the boat were to hit the side of the flume. In shock and horror I then witnessed the guest pulling the bottle from the water and as if in slow motion bringing the bottle to their lips. I reached for the microphone, but before I could get a word out they began drinking the water. I belted out “DO NOT DRINK THE WATER…..please….please do not drink the water.” They drank the water and then I could see them look at the person next to them and reach out over the flume turning the bottle upside down emptying the remaining water back into the flume.

Don’t drink the water folks.



  • eicarr

    I NEVER drink the water in the rides due to all the urine. 🙂

  • wendygirl1979

    Every time I think of myself as a straight-up heathen, I read something like this and reaffirm my own sense of manners. No peeing in public, or drinking from water that boats float in for me!

  • I once watched in horror as a father let his little boy pee on a post in the queue for the Peter Pan ride at WDW. In those days, the rest room was literally next to the attraction. A man so lazy he would rather let everyone else walk through his little boy’s urine than to be inconvenienced by taking him to the restroom which was immediately next to where he was standing!

    And don’t think for a moment that it’s only kids who do this. We saw a grown man pee into a garden at Hong Kong Disneyland. Guests can be disgusting at times.

  • Amanda949

    These are the guests that really irritate me. I can’t stand that “I spent money to be here, therefore, I own the park” mentality.
    I saw something very similar, Dusty. A man allowed his son to pee in the Dumbo queue in Disneyland. It didn’t matter that the line was absolutely packed (35 minute wait), they had no shame. The man made no apologies and acted as if nothing happened. Disgusting.

  • SRGFernandez

    I’ve gone to Disneyland my whole life growing up I never saw anything disgusting or inappropriate and was taught never to be like that in public. Go to WDW and see 2 families ready to duke it out over a petty and downright stupid reason. Then there were so many guests who were beyond rude. I waited 2 hours to see the Electrical Parade which i haven’t seen since it left Disneyland (for some reason i felt no reason to see it at DCA) in 1996 and it was and still is my favorite show, some family began pushing me back and nearly blocked my view. I was beyond pissed because I waited so long to see it again and had a terrible view, which 2 hours ago was perfect. I held my tongue because I knew they wouldn’t care and arguing with them would mean nothing and change nothing. Certain people just don’t know proper mannerisms when going in public. As plain as that. Can we change it or really do anything about. Nope, those of us who act good just have to deal with those who seem don’t go out in public alot, if you know what I mean. Lastly I LOL’d at the kid taking a whizz off the Jungle Cruise Dock. That’s just amazing!

  • Country Bear

    I’m a little stunned by these stories. I suspect I would have trouble keeping my mouth shut if I were exposed to this level of stupidity in the parks. Well I guess you can’t say it’s ever boring when you’re dealing with so many guests every day.