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Published on January 13, 2014 at 2:00 am with 17 Comments

The fact that people write about any addition to a Disney park should speak volumes. Granted, there are times when the bloggers are paid to write positively about the parks, especially when a flying dragon might be making an appearance. Still, it’s obvious that people are passionate about the parks and the environments. When the Tangled restrooms opened in March, 2013, there was the expectation that Disney would invite the horde of mommy bloggers to help with the festivities. In actuality, it opened rather quietly.


My trip a few weeks ago was the first time I was able to experience the new area. Given my predilection for Disney restrooms, I was actually excited to see the area and see how the theming worked. I know this area has been covered in depth, but I wanted to add my thoughts. Let’s take a little look back at the area before it was changed into a Tangled themed area.

This photo is dated Feb 1972, so it could have been from anytime during the first six months of operation (the photo was featured, here). It’s quite an amazing perspective, though. Besides the great view of the Fantasyland skyline, you can see the pathway to the Skyway to Tomorrowland on the right.

The Skyway operated from 1971 until 1999. The area sat vacant and was used as a backdrop and stroller parking until construction began sometime in 2012.

Skyway 1972

Another shot from the Feb 1972 that shows a look at the entrance to the queue (check out the article, here). The photo below shows the area from a different perspective.

Tangled Toilets

I have to admit that I when I first saw the Tangled bathroom area, I was incredibly impressed. I approached from the Haunted Mansion side and everything just seemed to work so well. Once I started looking at the smaller details, I was really glad that Disney had spent the time and money on this area of the park. Even though it’s not another attraction, the overlay of the area is executed extremely well and leaves me hopeful.


One of the first things that I noticed is that there is water! Water in theme parks is awesome. Also, the growth of the vegetation seemed like it had been neglected – in a good way. It softened the area and created a very charming setting. (I still want Tomorrowland to have some water features.)


The stream was really a fantastic addition.



The new perspective on the buildings. The two windows on the left were added during the renovation.





The feel of the buildings are a bit more animated (like Toontown) but still fit into the theme of Fantasyland. Obviously, a lot of care was put into the area, including placements of the pathways to direct traffic flow.


Plenty of low-slung walls for sitting. The stroller parking is demarcated by the wrought-iron fencing.

Recharge Yourself (and the Kids)!

With the need for mobile connectivity (including the My Disney Experience app), Disney added some charging stations to the area.


This is actually a water fountain. Do not put your cell phones in this to charge them!



The cleverly disguised stumps (logs?) contain charging stations! They have electrical plugs and USB connections. There’s some good seating near the charging so the grown ups can relax while the kids go on a mini-scavenger hunt. Thankfully, the area is in a cul-de-sac of sorts, so it’s easy to keep an eye on the younglings while you charge your device and rest your feet. Currently, it’s a pretty wide open area and I imagine that it will get pretty hot during the summer months. I hope the trees in the area will provide some shade over time.


A whole family can recharge here!

Pascal Hunt!

Hidden throughout the area (mostly near the stream in the photos above) are friends of Pascal, that lovable chameleon from Tangled. I’ve heard a rumor that there are at least 20 hidden throughout the area.






It’s a cute game to play while your hanging out in the area.

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The Signage

So, the signs in the area are pretty spectacular. Not just placeholders, but they help tell the story of Tangled and it integrates into Fantasyland very well.


The men’s sign was fairly plain and the color refers to the castle guard from the film.




The addition of Rapunzel’s hair and her comb to the sign is wonderful. Also, the women’s restroom side has a lot of Rapunzel’s artwork throughout. It’s quite enchanting.




Maximus on the shield for the cast member door is also  wonderful. It follows his character and his stern look obviously means that we should keep out! The wanted posters add an unexpected layer to the area with humor and Tangled-inspired art and stories.






Inside the Restrooms!

Just a few images from the Men’s restroom…shhh…don’t tell anyone.


More wanted posters inside the entrance.



Really beautiful tile work on the floor.


The weaponry of the Castle Guard on display.


The baby change sign might be one of my favorite details of all.

I had a Bothan spy grab some shots of the women’s restroom. All I can say is that it’s pretty spectacular! Rapunzel did a great job of decorating.








Sadly, the books on the shelf didn’t have spine labels.


One Last Detail


The stamped concrete has become a standard for Disney parks. The Hidden Oswald near Enchanted Tales with Belle is my favorite, but I appreciate the shout out to Maximus that most people walk over all day long without noticing.

Have you visited the Tangled toilets? Do you think it’s a good addition to the Magic Kingdom?

ImagiNERDing is written and edited by George Taylor

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George has been obsessed with Disney theme parks since the first time he saw a photo of the Haunted Mansion in the early 70s. He started writing about Disney in 2007 and has amassed one of the world's largest Disney-related libraries.

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  • CaptainAction

    Slow year number 8 at WDW.

    Let’s all act happy to trade the skyway for a toilet!

    New rides at WDW take 2 +, and still counting, years to complete at WDW.

    New restaurants, snack stands, stores, photo ops, (ie revenue centers) open in a 14 weeks.

    WDW execs have now reduced our expectations of them sooo much that we should all be greatful for themed toilets. Yes, that is a pretty area to do our business and that’s why I go to theme parks.

  • ScottG

    Great stuff there but it looks like the mirrors in the womens restroom are covered in shutters. Aren’t there any mirrors or do those shutters open somehow?

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      There are mirrors, they’re just not above the sinks.

      I admit the Tangled toilets are probably the best themed ones of any theme park.

  • WorldLover71

    Nice commentary on a pretty area that I missed seeing by one week last year!

    Even though it has been open almost a year now, this is the first I’ve read about Pascal’s hidden friends. Thanks.

    Not every movie can have a ride or attractions so this is a nice way to give a film a presence in the park, make a functional area like a bathroom more fun and enhance the area’s theme.

  • eicarr

    I’m a big fan of the Alice in wonderland restrooms next to the Alice dark ride at Disneyland. This looks even better themed. I hope they continue this odd expansion of magic and smiles in the parks. I just fear associating a Disney Classic with odors and noises from a stall next to me. But it’s worth the risk.

  • Jeff Heimbuch

    Thought we do complain that WDW takes forever to add new attractions, it is really nice to see them put this amount of detail into such a small area of the park…especially for a rest room!

    A whole bunch of Five Legged Goats in that area, too!

    Also, let’s all take a moment to remember the Bothans who gave their lives for photos of the Women’s room.

    • CaptainAction

      This would be true if WDW was also giving guests new rides and attractions.

      All the folks who are falling all over themselves about the themed toilets – you are the reason that WDW can skip making rides.

      WDW exec to board, “We aren’t building any new rides except where we tear out an old one.
      We are going fast track and complete only restaurants and stores and other revenue centers in 14 weeks.
      C ticket kiddie coaster will not have enough castmembers assigned to complete in less than 3 years.
      We are going to pull back 80% of theming for after park extra ticket events.
      Guests, or walking wallets, as I like to call them, are going to have to wear our Magic Handcuffs to let them in rides, restaurants, and parks which must be chosen 180 days ahead.
      Fast passes associated with these Handcuffs will now be needed for Muppet Movie, Carousel of Progress, Imagination, etc.
      We will add charging stations for their phones because they will need them to navigate the parks in conjunction with the Magic Handcuffs. Suckers will thank us for these stations like we did them a favor.
      We’ll change the Skyway to a toilet and theme it and these “WDW Wallets” will praise us and still spend all their extra dough here.”
      Board, “No way, we can’t get away with all that?!? Can we?
      Exec, “Just watch and learn folks. We will jack up all prices like we we’re adding a dozen E ticket attractions per year too. We are in year 8 of this strategy.”

  • BradyNBradleysMom

    I see people refer to “five legged goats” a lot regarding imagineering. I don’t get the reference. Can someone explain the joke for me?

  • danielz6

    Personally I think it’s stupid to theme a bathroom. I have no problem with the generic ones all over Disneyland. Get in, get out. I’m not in there sight seeing. I’ll be impressed when they make a tangled dark ride.

    • met19

      i think they did a nice job with the theming. Disneyland bathrooms have plenty of theming- e.g. the alice in wonderland bathrooms.

      that being said- i wish WDW would spend more money on attractions, not meet and greets, bathrooms, restaurants. how about a new attraction for epcot or for DHS. the only reason they added mine train was the outpouring of negative feedback re: new fantasyland during the original plans. (and it still wont add up to potterland)

  • DisneysPan46

    I LOVE Tangled, and I am very pleased that you decided to look at this place with detail! Living on the west coast means not much Tangled action (not to mention the fact that they kicked Rapunzel and Eugene out of their only little themed room).

  • ChrisNJ

    This area looks great. Thanks for the update. My 2 cents – let’s celebrate the good stuff WDW does right. This is done right.

    I’m a huge fan of themed everything. My favorite theme park toilet is still at Wizarding World – simply because they have Moaning Myrtle’s voice.

  • thebear

    I’ve used these restrooms already but wasn’t aware of the recharging stations or the scavenger hunt. Thanks for pointing those details out!

  • CaptainAction

    WDW Exec to Board:
    We aren’t adding any new attractions and if we do it will only be when we tear out another ride.
    We are fast racking restaurants, stores, and other revenue centers for 14 week completion.
    C ticket rides will be budgeted with so few castmembers that they will take 3 years to complete.
    Guests, walking wallets, will now wear WDW Magic Handcuffs.
    These Handcuffs will force them to chose meals, rides, and parks 180 days ahead.
    Guests will be tricked into riding our old, out of date rides as fast pass attractions.
    Fast passes will now be necesary for Imagination, Carousel of Progress, and Muppet Movie, etc.
    We will tear out the skyway and put in themed toilets with cellphone charging stations.
    WDW lovers will see this as a gift and praise us.
    In reality they will need these charging stations because cellphones work in conjunction w Handcuff
    We will pull back 80% of decorating parks for after hours parties and raise prices 20%
    WDW can do no wrong guests will suck up and praise us while we do all this
    We will also raise prices of everything like we were building a dozen E ticket attractions

    WDW Board:
    We can’t really do ALL that?!? Can we?
    WDW Exec:
    We are in year 8 of this now. Thanks to the WDW Can Do No Wrong Enablers (suckers)

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