Robert J. Sherman talks about his father, Robert B. Sherman of the Sherman Brothers, on this week’s episode of Mousetalgia. In honor of “Moose,” the recently published autobiography by Robert B. Sherman, his son Robbie (who edited the book) talks to Mousetalgia this week about his father and his writings over a lifetime that came together to create his compelling, literary autobiography. Robbie talks about “A Spoonful of Sherman,” a cabaret show celebrating the Sherman family music, and discusses how his father went about creating some of his most memorable music, including songs from “The Jungle Book” and the original anthem for humankind, “It’s a Small World.” Robbie also shares his views on Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks,” as “Moose” was used as an important research tool for the development of the film; and he also discusses Meryl Streep’s recent claim that Walt Disney was anti-Semetic. Also – Team Mousetalgia hosts our own discussion of Streep’s comments, and respond to this latest high-profile example of the recurring accusations of Walt Disney’s sexism, racism and bigotry. Plus – Mary Blair’s art is coming to the Walt Disney Family Museum, and Mousetalgia has a special role in the upcoming exhibit!

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  • tooncity

    When you’re rich you can afford to ignorant! She’s really rich. This might be why most people in America don’t like celebrities. There are no more STARS in Hollywood, sad.

    Disney should re-shoot all her scenes in ”into the Woods”. Just to make a point to rest of Hollywood that this is unacceptable.

  • The Disney Co. sure hasn’t said much… though I’m sure they don’t want anything to come back and haunt the publicity tour for Into the Woods. At any rate, the whole thing is just so typical. I’m glad that the Walt Disney Family Museum came out swinging, at least via tweet. They’re still really smarting over the loss of Diane, and I don’t think anyone over there was in the mood to have another instance of uninformed ignorance sullying the Disney name.