A masterfully designed “vintage” neon sign reads “FASTPASS” horizontally across the top and “Distribution” vertically. Perfect! This must be the right place. And this must be the most elaborately themed FASTPASS distribution location anywhere.


Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS Distribution.

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  • Country Bear

    A great nostalgic visit to something that technically “never opened”. It was a nice design and seemed like it would be perfect for the attraction. Disney was smart to move this to another area of the park when they realized traffic flow was going to be a huge issue. Who knew that a park starved for E Ticket attractions would burst at the seams when they got one of the best ones Disney has ever built?

    Thanks for the memory Werner.

  • CDN Disney Geek

    Yes, I agree with what the Bear said.

  • DobbysCloset

    I’m glad they re-purposed the sign…

  • toonaspie

    “The items on the shelves and hangers throughout Cars Land actually seems to belong there, instead of being the same generic Disney character merchandise found in too many other Disney theme park stops.”

    Well don’t be surprise if that changes in a few months time as was the case for several stores in BVS and Carsland after they opened.