There are lots of projects, big and small, going on at Disneyland Paris. Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog updates us on the new stone temple rising at the Indiana Jones attraction, progress on the Ratatouille attraction, and some other little improvements here and there. Unfortunately, we’re also saying goodbye to a Main Street icon that is suffering the same fate as its former corporate sponsor. ~~Rick


Disneyland Paris Update
Indiana Jones Temple, Farewell to Main Street Photography, Ratatouille Update and more
by Alain Littaye, Disney and more blog

Here’s our latest Disneyland Paris update, with thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. This time we’ll have a look at what’s happening in the Disneyland Park and more specifically in Adventureland where construction has begun to rebuild the entire temple in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril!

Also, be sure to read to the end, as I have a great news for those of you who would like to meet a Disney Imagineer who who helped create Disneyland Paris 20 years ago.


First let’s move through Main Street U.S.A, and get one last look at the Town Square Photography Shop. The shop will soon have its theme totally changed and will be known as Flora’s Boutique. The Photography Shop is already locked up tight and the inventory has been removed. The new shop will sell products linked with the different DLP “seasons” (Spring, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas).


Kodak, of course, was previously the corporate sponsor of Town Square Photography but, as you probably know, it ended its partnerships in all Disney theme parks last year. Considering that guests now shoot pictures with their digital camera or cell phones and don’t use film anymore, park management is probably thinking that the new shop will increase merchandise sales. It’s a pity, though, as the shop had fantastic theming and storyline, not to mention dozens of old cameras and a great 1900 photographer office set by Imagineer Eddie Sotto.



We’ll pay a last tribute to this great shop with the original WDI renderings and the great sign of the shop.




Let’s continue our walk through the park under the grey winter sky…


A quick look up at the cup of coffee to check that the smoke is rising out of it. It was down for maintenance for quite a long time last year.


As you can see, no matter what angle you choose to shoot your photos, the light is really terrible this time of year…


And it’s not any better on Central Plaza…


…in Fantasyland…


…in Discoveryland…


…or in Adventureland.


However, something big is happening in Adventureland as they work to rebuild the huge temple of Indiana Jones and Temple du Peril entirely in stone. The project will last until May 28th. It’s probably the first time in Disney parks history that an entire ride will be demolished and rebuilt on the scale of this one. The coaster track itself will remain in place but the part with the loop will be changed.






Moving over to Disney Village, we see that small improvements have been made to the Sports Bar, with a bigger TV screen replacing the old one. Guests who have a drink outside of the bar to watch sports events will appreciate this change.


The new LEGO shop nearby has had its opening day delayed, but it didn’t stop Max from taking a peek inside. The shelves are stocked and the opening should finally happen in mid-February.


Now let’s have a look at progress on the WDS Ratatouille construction site. Most of the work is now taking place inside the buildings and hidden from our camera. We can, however, see construction on the fountain which is in the center of the plaza.

A close shot on the fountain foundations…



The entrance of the attraction is hidden for now…




That’s it for our update for today, but here’s the information we promised you on the Southern California appearance of Disney Imagineer Tim Delaney.

Tim, who was DLP Discoveryland show producer, will be appearing at a MiceChat event taking place on February 8th at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort. He’ll have fantastic stories and an audio-visual presentation for those in attendance. Tim will also be signing copies of my Disneyland Paris “From Sketch to Reality” book which will be available for purchase at the end of the 90 minute presentation. This will be the very first time that a DLP Imagineer Show Producer will sign the book, so if you live anywhere near the Disneyland Resort, don’t miss that event!


Limited seats are available so make sure to do your registration today at the link [HERE] where you can also pre-order a copy of the DLP book to make sure you’ll have a copy waiting for you at the event.

The book is also available at the MiceChat store [HERE].

Pictures: copyright DLPWelcome