More Cute Stories, Vol 3: Museum of the Weird by Rolly Crump

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Bamboo Forest Publishing has released the third volume in the More Cute Stories series, this one focusing on tales from Disney Legend Rolly Crump about the Museum of the Weird. Released on the heels of Marvel’s Seekers of the Weird comic, this high-quality audio recording of Rolly Crump is a perfect way to hear the details of the Museum of the Weird.


As with the previous two releases, the audio is superb and stands heads and shoulders over most podcast recordings. You can find some of the same information in Rolly’s book, It’s Kind of a Cute Story, but there are a lot details that Rolly espouses that you won’t catch anywhere else. Plus, just like the previous audio releases, it is simply astounding to hear these cute stories directly from Rolly. The nuances in Rolly’s voice, including the tell-tale sounds of a smile, help bring these stories to life with a spark that you just can’t get anywhere else.

The Museum of the Weird was a project that Rolly worked on after a group meeting with Walt for ideas related to the Haunted Mansion. Several iterations, from an exit area for the mansion to a walk-thought attraction, have surfaced over the years. With this audio release, we finally get to hear about all of them from Rolly and he pulls back the curtains to reveal many details that I’ve not heard before.

One of the more interesting sections is a walk-though from Rolly. He details a lot of the sections of the Museum, including the layout and many of the special effects; it would have been a breathtaking experience. Rolly dishes on what it was like to record the 1965 Wonderful World of Color with Walt, which has been the touchstone for most Museum of the Weird information. The cute tales about Walt recording television specials is priceless. We also hear about the different artists and Imagineers that worked with Rolly on the Museum over the years, including pre- and post-World’s Fair iterations.


Sadly, as we all are aware, after Walt’s passing, many of his favorite Imagineers were relegated to other duties or simply not given credence in the new organizational structure. Lot’s of Roy’s people took over and it did change the future of many attractions. Rolly was shuttled to act as art director of Disneyland (which, still, isn’t a bad job), but it did signal the end for Rolly’s wild ideas for his Museum of the Weird.

There are a lot of side tales interwoven throughout the audio that make me hope for future More Cute Stories from Rolly, Jeff and Bamboo Forest Publishing. This is a definite buy for Rolly fans and anyone with an interest in Haunted Mansion and Disneyland history.

Grab your copy of More Cute Stories, Volume 3: Museum of the Weird today!

Check out my reviews of Volume 1: Disneyland History and Volume 2: Animators and Imagineers.

Are you going to pick up the latest release? What do you think about Rolly’s tales?

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  • BradyNBradleysMom

    I wish they would build “The Museum of the Weird” over at DCA. It could be like a haunted mansion for that part. Just take Mystic Manor and clone it, but retheme it as “The Museum of the Weird” and have the story be that this is an attraction at the Paradise Pier…and it is owned by a fortune teller. And inside, all the weird objects would come to life, just like Mystic Manor.

    It would work well and would give Paradise Pier the upgrade it needs so there would be something cool there, instead of all those cheap off the shelf carnival rides.

    • Country Bear

      I agree that it’s a novel idea. The technology would certainly suit it as well. We never know what the future holds in a Disney Theme Park. It could happen.

    • Kimkatkim

      This is an excellent idea. Perhaps the right someone will read this post and spark the idea into reality.

  • glowman

    Sounds like a great idea. With Rolly’s guidance and Imagineering’s creativeness, along with Garner Holt’s production capabilities, this could be a first class major attraction for California Adventure. Who knows, it might even be more popular than Mystic Manor. Rolly is a master at fun and imagination. I hope that the “Decision Makers” give it some thought.