Just one day into the new year, I was invited to join a Disney legend and a sponsor of the Tournament of Roses on a very special mission. It’s a story that I just can’t keep to myself. Take a look and join me in congratulating our friend Bob Gurr on a very exciting new career.  – Dusty

What do Disney legend Bob Gurr, the Tournament of Roses Parade and fine coffee from Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline have in common? I had the pleasure of being invited to introduce Bob Gurr at a very special event on the parade grounds of the Rose Parade on January 2nd. With beautiful flower covered floats parked all around us, Bob Gurr was announced as the product spokesperson for Marceline’s Finest Coffee’s and Cocoas. It was a really amazing day.


Bob has had an illustrious career designing cars, monorails, bobsleds, a fleet of tiny submarines, and countless attractions around the world. Now, in his eighties, he is embarking on a new career pitching coffee. And he’s already made himself quite an expert on how the beans are selected, roasted, packaged and sold.

Marceline is a quaint town in Missouri where Walt and his family spent four years in the early 1900’s. One look down the Main Street of town and you can see where the inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street came from. It is in this homespun environment that Marceline’s Finest Coffees was founded.


The good folks at Marceline’s finest also own and operate the Historic Uptown Theatre and Bed & Breakfast in the town. It was in this location that Walt Disney premiered The Great Locomotive Chase and The Spirit of Mickey.  Walt addressed the children in the crowd, “My best memories are the years I spent in Marceline. You children are lucky to live here.”


Marceline’s Finest strives to preserve the historic legacy of Marceline and the spirit of days gone by, which Walt Disney so clearly appreciated about the town. The coffee company, theater and B&B are run in true Marceline style. Every coffee bean is roasted in an authentic victorian era roaster in small batches. This isn’t a mass production operation. Beans are roasted in small quantities and are intended to be used while they are still fresh. It’s the way Walt’s family might have enjoyed their coffee in the days when many consumer products were made in small wholesome batches right there in the town where you live. 


Bob Gurr has contributed happiness and dreams to countless millions of people in his brilliant career. He is also one of the few true connections left to Walt Disney. Just being around him and listening to his stories and thoughts makes you feel the excitement and the magic that contributed to the dream of Disneyland.

Marceline’s Finest has a slogan ” Fueling imagination,” which reflects their hope to inspire creativity in everyone. They certainly picked the perfect spokesperson.

Here’s what Marceline’s Finest had to say about their new association with Bob, “We look forward to many good things with Bob Gurr and hope to not only inspire imagination but help preserve the community of Marceline and its history. We feel Bob will be a great friend and partner and will inspire dreamers young and old.”


All sales directly support Marceline residents and their families, various Disney affiliated philanthropy groups, and fuels the imaginations of supporters like you.


If you are interested in learning more about Marceline’s Finest Coffees and Cocoas, please visit their web site (while they aren’t sold in stores, they offer direct shipment to your home): Marceline’s Finest Link HERE

Bob Chair


I was truly honored to have been asked to represent Marceline’s Finest at their official public announcement of the amazing Bob Gurr as their Spokesperson. It was one of those magical moments in life that you know you’ll always treasure. It doesn’t hurt that both Bob and I fell in love with Marceline’s Finest Coffee at the D23 Expo this past summer in Anaheim. They don’t just sell great coffee, they are truly warm and wonderful folks.


Bob is already planning to inspect one of their authentic Victorian roasters and take it apart to see how it works. He assures me that he’ll be able to put it all back together again! I’ll tag along if possible and share the video. There are surely some fun times ahead. Trip to Marceline? You won’t need to twist my arm very hard.


Congratulations to Bob Gurr on his new career as pitchman and to Marceline’s Finest for nabbing him. Pure brilliance.

MFC With thanks to Marceline’s Finest for helping us with photos and information

  • dotter disney

    While I enjoy my morning cup of coffee, along comes a delightful read. Congratulations to Bob and good luck with this new adventure.
    Found the ice coffee machine very interesting.
    Away I go to check out some new / old coffee company, home delivery is my of shopping.
    Thanks for sharing Dusty, really was a nice read this early morning.

  • doppio

    This is what should be on Main St., not Starcrud.

    • The Marceline’s folks would one day love to be the official coffee used in the Disney hotels and on cruise ships. But that’s a tall task in a world of powerful corporate interests. Still, we can all hope that one day quality and history win the day!

      • TheKramer

        “Quality and History” be damned!

  • TheKramer

    But in all seriousness, good luck to Marceline’s finest. It was great to be introduced to them here.

  • DisWedWay

    Maybe Marceline should start by supplying WDI and the Disney Studio with their coffee as a choice to pick from. A way to an Imagineers heart is through their stomach. If Bob Iger drinks it then who knows what may proceed. I love Disney’s better coffee mugs and would buy one with Marceline on it with the family connection. Have asked but don’t know if they will do a Special Disney Starbucks mug with the old full logo on it. My Disney Legend John Hench mug is still one of my favorites.

  • Polo33

    Well, I know what I’m doing today ! Going order some of this coffee !! It sounds wonderful and if Bob is associated it has to be great :). Congrats Bob..

  • Polo33

    Disneyland is a big place and there is plenty if room for a new “coffee house”. Would live to see this offered in Disneyland and WDW. At the get least it should be sold at the gift stores.