Mousetalgia talks RunDisney this week. Dave did the inaugural Tinker Bell 10K, and Becky wonders about some sweeping issues. Becky ran the half marathon, earning her own PR and discusses the course, the trials, and the rewards of running 13 miles. Plus – scenes from the RunDisney Expo, dining with Princesses, navigating the parks during RunDisney weekends, and Radiator Springs Racers – is the line finally loosening up? In an awkward moment check-up, we remember the falling Magic Carpet in the Aladdin stage show, and we discover that Mickey’s Magical Map has glitches. Jeff and Becky have a motel showdown: Rodeway Inn Maingate Knotts ($45 list) vs. the Candy Cane Inn a block from Disneyland’s gate ($125 list) – which is a better use of your money? (Hint: Becky didn’t even need to show up to this showdown!) Jeff gets “Weird” with Rolly Crump (and hosts a sweepstakes you won’t want to miss), Kristen plans a trip to Hawaii, Becky tries some pizza and Dave talks Destination D. Also, we have news from Micechat and Walt Disney’s Barn – and more!

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  • GrannyGear

    It appears that you missed the several hundred of us who were penned up between TOT and Harbor Blvd gates for about half an hour after being “swept”. We were not told we had been swept, just penned up like cattle . Eventually we were marched back toward the finish line, thrown wrapped medals and told to go home. It was the least magical thing that has ever happened to me on Disney property. When you hear there is an issue, you owe it to your listeners to research it.

  • Hi GrannyGear,

    Becky brought it up on the show, and I did my best to fact-check before we mixed the show, but there was a lot of disagreement and confusion online about why what happened actually happened, and we just weren’t there in person to report on it. Dave was in the last corral, but he didn’t witness this particular event. Some of the situation has cleared up a little bit since we recorded the show, but in terms of trip reports, we really only try to speak authoritatively about what we experience. I’m really sorry that happened to you, because based on what you report, it sounds inexcusable.