Seasoned Pros List Show RETURNS to the Season Pass Podcast after a year long hiatus.  Doug Barnes (Season  Pass Podcast), Arthur Levine (Theme Parks Guide for and Joel Bullock (The Coaster Critic) rate the Top Ten BEST WOODEN ROLLER COASTERS in North America.  Coaster specialist Robert Coker (co-host of Season Pass Podcast/Author of Roller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker’s Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines) is the Expert Guest in the heated debate.  Where does El Toro rank?  What about the Phoenix or classics like the Coney Island Cyclone??  Take a listen to find out what are the best Wood Coasters!

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  • tpetty53

    Great Podcast! Last I heard HW was giving up on the timberline trains:
    Would love to hear they are still looking at them b/c I think the ride is too rough and maybe that is b/c of the train cars.

    • Yeah, unfortunately you’re correct my friend. We recorded this episode a couple of weeks before Holiday World gave the official announcement that they decided to move forward without Timberliners…it’s definitely a bummer. I’ve been on the Voyage a few times, never found it painfully rough, but extremely intense. It seems that every other year it runs at peak performance due to the refurbishment schedule. As long as they continue to take care of the coaster, I’ll be fine with the clunky PTC trains. 😉

      Thank you for listening and your feedback. We had a blast creating this list.