This week, we interview Mr Halloween Horror Nights Orlando himself, Mike Aiello.

When we first began the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast nearly three years ago, I dreamed of the day that I would get the chance to sit down an interview Mike Aiello.

Well, a couple of weeks ago that dream finally happened. Darren, Tracey and myself sat down for a conference call with Mike to talk about his history at Universal Orlando, from humble beginning to theme park legend.

Here is a brief transcript of part of  the interview (you can hear the entire interview in the podcast below):

UUOP: Go way, way, way, way back and talk about your earliest memories of when you used to visit Universal Orlando as a guest.

Mike Aiello: Oh yeah, yeah, oh I’ve got many of those. I actually, it’s kind of cool, my grandfather, his name was William Gerdy, he was on the inspection team with the City of Orlando.

He actually was one of the inspectors that was handling all of the inspections and building codes for this property, as it was being built.

My earliest memory of coming to this park was the preview day that was weeks before (Universal Orlando’s grand opening), I think, it was actually opened. Family and friends of the construction and the city were able to come out for one day and see the park, walk around, there were no rides open at that time, but I do remember seeing an early test version of the Horror Make Up Show that was, again, bare bones, but it was just to give the park a sense of guest flow and kind of test out some of the food offerings. I remember eating at Mel’s, one of the very first people to eat in Mel’s with my grandfather. So, yeah I mean I was literally here before the park opened and kept coming back year after year and usually always during the summer break, you know, once I got out of school.  I was in, let’s see that was ’91, so I was 7th or 8th grade and came back year after year and then, that was just coming to the park every summer, but then Horror Nights started and that is when I would switch our trip and we would come down every October to the parks and do that event.  So, yeah yeah, I really did grow up here, there’s no way to kinda say that any other way, my childhood was spent here at Universal Orlando.

Now, sit back and enjoy the whole interview with the Universal Orlando legend that is Mike Aiello.

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