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Published on February 09, 2014 at 1:00 am with 5 Comments

Back in the Saddle! Glad to be back after the flu got the best of us here at Disney Cast Blast! We are putting the finishing touches on our celebrity edition and should have that up this time next week.

Magic Fertilizer

Summer of 1994 I was working at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom (WDW). A fellow Cast Member that I worked with was doing crowd control for the Mickey Mania parade. The day prior to the parade there was some special group that was being honored and there were horses along with the typical Cast Member with the “honey bucket.”


*The “honey bucket” is the nickname given to the rolling can that horse manure is deposited in along the parade route.

A guest made a comment to my friend about the horse manure and he replied that they actually sell it in the gift shops. The guest did not believe him and asked “really? why?” My friend told him that it is usually purchased and used as fertilizer for flower beds. Of course, the shops don’t sell house manure.

MOUNT UP! and Fly?

During the first year of opening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a guest came in the guest relations lobby on a slow day and inquired about being able to ride exotic animals at the park. He said he had been there before and seemed to remember there used to be a place at the park where guests could ride rare animals and kept referring to giant insects. I explained that I did not know and that the park had only been open for seven or eight months at that point.

He said that he knew it was at the animal park (Disney’s Animal Kingdom). I asked him more about it to try to think of what it could have been he was talking about. He said there was a big room and that it was indoors and he said he thought it was a giant bug. After going back and forth to try to figure it out it finally all came together.

customs customs

The guest confused the interactive chroma key scene where kids were selected to ride on the back of a giant fake bee during the Inside the Magic Special Effects and Production tour at the then Disney-MGM Studios. He thought he remembered it as a live animal experience and thought it was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom years earlier during one of his previous visits.

Nope…No Dogs or Cats Either

It was about two hours before closing at Animal Kingdom and we were greeting guests as they were leaving the park, thanking them and wishing them well. As one family passed by I asked, “did you guys enjoy the park?” The man replied “it was ok but I find it hard to believe you call yourself an animal park!” I quickly said “what do you mean? Did you ride the safari or see the gorilla’s?” He said “yeah we saw all that but I just do not see how you call yourself an animal park without real animals like horses, cows and deer?!?

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  • Hooty Sapperticker

    Disney False Memories are a thing and they always amaze me. One time at a party a girl was sobbing and trying earnestly to convince me that there was a Last Supper diorama on Main Street.

    • SRGFernandez

      What?! Tell me more about these “False Memories”

  • DobbysCloset

    Too funny, thanks. Glad the CMs are feeling better. I am always telling Dobby that he is NOT a “real” dog.

    The magic of Disney…blurs one’s experience into something…unique.

  • solarnole

    Now casts members think I’m crazy when I talk about the daily parade and kite show or the simulator ride through the body at Epcot.

    Epcot used to be a full day theme park before it became a mall.

  • gboiler1

    Its been years, so things may have changed, but doesn’t Rafiki’s Planet Watch have more domestic animals such as goats, sheep and deer?