Mousetalgia welcomes Mine Train expert James Keeline to the show to help us reminisce about the history of Frontierland’s trains in anticipation of the newly renovated Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction. James discusses the history of Rainbow Ridge and the Mine Train attraction, and describes the scenes, special effects, and set pieces that made the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland such a memorable ride for Disneyland guests. James also discusses Mineral Hall, the souvenir shop next to the Mine Train that sold fluorescent minerals and black lights to guests. Also, February is Mousetalgia Music Month, and we start our musical features by discussing our personal favorites in the world of Disney musicians, including Hazel George, Buddy Baker, Randy Newman, and Dave Brubeck. Kristen unveils a new collection of “lost” music that she is bringing back to life. Plus – favorite Disneyland songs, a Tinker Bell Half Marathon engagement… and more!

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  • eicarr

    Great info!! While it’s gone, we can all be grateful its close cousin, the Calico Mine Train is still running(and being refurbished) nearby at knotts.

  • I love the Calico Mine Train – and for that matter, I love the actual Calico Ghost Town itself, which Walter Knott restored in the ’50s. I used to go down there with the family when we’d take trips to the southwest. Calico has the authentic Maggie Silver Mine with a black light display of minerals reminiscent of Disneyland’s Mineral Hall, as well as gold panning and a mystery shack.

    • Trevor

      Id say that the staffing requirements are much higher than they anticipated. As for the cost of the bands vs. paper, I am not sure on this. They were probably hoping guests would see it as a cool accessory and I bet some of the cost is written off to security in the way of reduced fraud and marketing with the new types of marketing and promotions they can now do.

  • bannercaptain

    I was a CM from 1976-1981 and the most fantastic memory I have of the Nature Wonderland& Rainbow Caverns was going on the ride, after I completed a shift and the train stopped right when you enter the Living Desert section and the fireworks went off, right over your head, pure magic!!!