With so many ticket options and configurations at Walt Disney World, it can get a little overwhelming.  We all have a pretty good handle on the Park Hopping upgrade (if you don’t, it’s the ability to visit more than one major theme park per day), but the Disney World Water Park Fun and More option may be a little more mysterious, especially to a first time visitor.


What Is It?

The Water Park Fun and More (WPF&M) option is an upgrade that allows you to visit, obviously, Walt Disney World’s two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.  Several fun activities fall under the “and More” heading that may not immediately come to mind.  With this option, you’re also able to visit DisneyQuest, Downtown Disney’s indoor interactive theme park.  Are you a golfer?  Whether you prefer miniature or, um, full-size golf, you’re covered!  Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, as well as Walt Disney World’s miniature golf courses, Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens (prior to 4:00 P.M.), are included, as well.  If you’re a sports fan, take an afternoon to check out the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and enjoy 30 minutes of play time at the PlayStation Pavilion.


Get Park Wise: The WPF&M option can be added to a base ticket for $59.00 plus tax (at time of publication).  However, if you’re thinking about upgrading to a Park Hopper, too, they can both be added for $84.00 plus tax (at time of publication) giving you about a $35.00 discount.

How It Works

Your entries on the WPF&M option are tied to the number of days on your theme park tickets.  For example, if you purchased 5-day tickets with WPF&M, you’d receive five entries to use at the WPF&M inclusions.  It’s important to note that this is five overall entries and not five entries to each location.  You could visit both water parks, DisneyQuest and both miniature golf courses.  Or if you’re really into Typhoon Lagoon, you could dive in five times.  Avid golfers can hit Oak Trail three times then try each of the mini golf offerings.  You get the picture.


Get Park Wise: When planning to use your WPF&M entries, know that the entitlements differ from theme park entries in that you can use more than one per day.  You can visit Blizzard Beach in the morning, dry off and hit Winter Summerland next then tech out at DisneyQuest in the evening.


Is the Disney World Water Park Fun and More Ticket Option Worth It?

As with all aspects of Disney planning, this is a completely subjective question.  However, here are my thoughts, take them as you will.  We didn’t utilize the WPF&M option until a few years after the kids’ first trip, and that was only because they came with our Salute tickets.  In that case, it was a great option to fill our week.  We typically hit Disney World for eight days, and since the Salute tickets only had four theme park entries, we easily used our four WPF&M entries since we weren’t spending every day in the major parks.  We really enjoyed it and used the WPF&M for our following trip with Salute tickets.


With that in mind, I’d suggest adding WPF&M as long as you have at least a week at Disney World, which would allow you to visit the major parks at least one full day then spread your WPF&M entries out through the rest of the week.  Additionally, if you’re a Walt Disney World veteran who’s “been there, done that,” the WPF&M can add something different to your trip.


Another thought to consider is weather and availability.  Since the water parks are the biggest value (one day admission is almost as much as the upgrade), if you’re not one to swim in January or one of the water parks is closed for its annual refurb, the WPF&M may not be the best option.  First timers may be so overwhelmed with the major parks that adding the other attractions into the mix may throw them for a loop.

Have you used the Disney World Water Park Fun and More upgrade?  We’d love to hear your experiences!

  • kip0992

    Also of note… If you get a “no expiration” ticket, the WPF&M entrances also don’t expire…

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      I don’t think they sell “no expiration” tickets anymore.

      • kip0992

        They do still sell them… They are hard to find on Disney’s site. If you go to the brokers (Mousesavers, etc.) they are still listed. They add a fair chunk to the ticket price, but sometimes they will save you money in the long run, depending on how many times you go to the parks each trip.

        I remember the good ol’ days when you didn’t need a masters degree in accounting to figure out the ticket options…

  • KENfromOC

    We may be going to WDW this year. As current Disneyland Premium APs (myself, wife and daughter -they expire end of May) I am looking at upgrading to the Premier Pass. Sure it’s about $300 more than the Premium, but even being at WDW for only 4-5 full days it will be a savings. Add to the fact we would then also get the food and merch discounts, and the savings could be well over $200 or more per person for the trip!

    And the bonus: Cool looking Premier Passes that have that certain “cache” when you whip them out!

    • We’re going premium this year, too. Our friends want to do the water parks, so it’ll be a big savings to upgrade instead of buy single tickets with them.

  • lionheartkc

    For me, I always do a Park Hopper, and my family loves spending a few hours at Disney Quest, each trip. Adding the Water Parks and More option actually saves me money if I just got o Disney Quest once.

  • DobbysCloset

    The last thing the Service Dog wants to do is to visit a Water Park. Being Chihuahua, he HATES water! At least I think that’s why. Little desert animal, like lizards…

    On the other hand, he will bake on the sidewalk in the sun until his ears turn ruby red and his tongue curls.

    How shall I train him to sit on a chaise lounge and wait for me while I do something he finds insane?

  • DisWedWay

    I’m still waiting for River Country to reopen and be cleaned up and upgraded. It was the premier water park and loved the themeing along with the steam trains nearby for transportation. I know there were some petitions going around by WDW Lifeguard staff to do just this. At one time I heard there was even a concept and idea to do a Lost type TV series filmed there. Seems that would be financially better than Hawaii for the other Lost show.

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