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Published on February 07, 2014 at 1:00 am with 42 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • waltopia

    Sorry, but those are the fakiest looking trees ever, and paint for grass is hopefully not a finished look.

  • Skimbob

    Thanks for the great update. I think the mine train will look as good as everything around it once it is done. I am still a little confused when people call it a kiddy ride. My understanding from the producer is that it will be a fast paced ride with new technology being implemented on the tilting mine cars. I don’t consider that a kiddy ride. It might not be an E ticket but at least it should be a D ticket. One should never plan a trip around a possible ride opening date since we all know things never ever go according to plan.

    I think the big reason Disneyland is so much more ahead of the game is that they have more regular guests and they are there more often than a lot of the people that go to Walt Disney World. I always feel like I have travelled to another country when I go to WDW because I hear a lot more different languages. A lot of these people will rarely ever go more than once a so they are excited with what they see unlike those of us who travel there all the time and expect more from the parks than the average guest. I am not saying it is right for TDO to just let things slide I think they just believe they don’t have to work as hard to impress guests.

    • Country Bear

      I also agree that the mine train ride will be very nice when it’s finished. However, D23 is stating that it is an E Ticket attraction and that’s how it’s being sold. So I hope they have something pretty spectacular inside that small footprint to back up that marketing plan. Otherwise there will be a great deal of criticism towards WDW as they are selling a 5 dressed up as a 9. It could garner the same type of feedback that the Jingle Cruise earned as an “overlay”. When you use terms like “E Ticket” or “Overlay”, Disney itself has defined what you should expect from those labels.

      I hope they don’t undercut their own standard.

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  • CaptainAction

    Yes, if they are marketing this as an E Ticket there needs to be something very special that we can’t see or E Ticket doesn’t mean what it used to.
    A loose quote from Princess Bride to WDW execs, “That term E Ticket you keep using…I don’t think it means what you think it does”.
    They will also need to keep those pine trees trimmed to their current hieght because if they grow any taller they will make the dwarf mound look very small very quickly.

    • Bartattack

      I don’t think the trees on the mountain are real… to avoid having to trim them.

  • thebear

    Thanks for the update, fair and informative, as always. My family and I just returned yesterday from a trip to WDW. While I didn’t notice any maintenance issues with the Haunted Mansion, what I did have a problem with was the fact that they weren’t closing the door from the 1st room into the stretching room until well after the room started “stretching”. I know the room doesn’t really move like at Disneyland but I still consider it bad show.
    This was our first experience with the Magic Bands. I had no glitches at all and really enjoyed them. Already having your fast passes booked before you arrive really changes the way you spend your day and I know it really cut down on our criss-crossing the park all of the time. Not having to hold my familys park tickets and room keys and fast passes and getting them out all of the time was nice. I did hear some complaints from day visitors that they waited over an hour in a fast pass + line to get their fast passes booked. If you’re heading over there, do not get in the first FastPass+ line that you see. Shorter or no lines are found in other places around the parks. Hopefully the $ for this has been spent and they can start doing some more touch up. A lot of work was definitely going on but several areas need some love, especially the Fantasia miniature golf course. It is completely run down with worn out or missing carpet and looks completely messy with leaves and bird droppings all over. I would love to see Eric head over there and show everyone some pictures. It is very expensive and will not go back until it is repaired and I have an AP so I can play for half price.