It looks like the Paramount theme park proposed for Murcia, Spain has received the green light from the money guys and will immediately begin construction. This park is thought by some to be a credible competitor to the Disneyland Paris Resort. ~~Rick

Paramount Park in Murcia, Spain Finally Gets The Green Light
by Alain Littaye
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We have told you before about the Paramount Park project proposed for Murcia, Spain. Apparently the funds to construct the park have been found, because the project was presented at Fitur, the big International Tourism Fair in Spain. Brand new exciting 3D renderings were shown as well as stunning high definition artwork. What follows will give you a better idea of how this Paramount park will look when it opens at the end of 2015.

The project, will include the construction of an area called Lifestyle Center with condos and office buildings, leisure gardens, seven hotels from 3 to 5 star. Also included is a casino, mall, dining and night life areas, business and convention center, an auditorium and exhibition hall for cultural events, etc. Today we will concentrate on the part of the project that interests us the most, i.e., the theme park itself. It will include shows and rides, some of them borrowing themes from famous movies. Let’s start with a great bird eye view of the proposed park.


The park will include five lands, so let’s start by the entrance, “Paseo Paramount”, and the first 3D renderings.


Guests will enter the park and this land by going through a recreation of the legendary gate of Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The entrance plaza will feature a fountain followed by the typical shopping street and services, and also direct access to the park for hotel guests that stay at the Paramount Park Hotel.




A large central square will connect the other lands – on the right is access to the Plaza Futura, the park’s “Tomorrowland” – and on the left is Adventure City. Also in the square will be the first attraction, a cyberkinetic fountain which will use lights, music and water effects to create a great show to welcome visitors.

Guests will also find one of the main attractions of the park, “Paramount Live”, a large auditorium with shows and musicals inspired by famous Paramount movies. Finally, it will also be the site of the “Festival of Paramount Walk”, a parade with the main characters from Paramount which at night will become a light show.




The large central square overlooks a lake with stunning views of the rest of the park. A small garden promenade serves as a shortcut to The Enchanted Forest and Rango’s West lands.

“Adventure City” is the next land on the left, and here we have 3D renderings and a map of the land. It might look small but in fact includes a large space for future expansion. A large roller coaster is planned for this area.





Adventure City will be one of the most interesting lands and should prove popular with guests as they will find areas inspired by Grease, Mission Impossible and The Godfather movies.

One of the E-Ticket attractions of the park will be here, Mission Impossible 3D. Visitors will be immersed in an espionage adventure moving across highways, flying over rooftops and through multiple zones with flames, explosions and 3D action. The technology will be similar to the Spiderman ride at Universal parks, with the improvements that have occurred in recent years on this type of attraction. The Paramount team completely designed the storyboard of this attraction.




Unfortunately, a previously announced attraction dedicated to the Titanic has been cancelled. It was a kind of walk through museum (see rendering below) and the concept didn’t prove attractive enough. It is replaced by an attraction based on the Mission Impossible movie series. This attraction will use new technologies allowing visitors to interact with their smartphones and participate in the “impossible missions” in which they will be involved.


Another attraction found in this area will be “Greased Lightnin’ Bumper Cars”. These will be bumper cars for adults and will be set in a gas station of the 50’s with colored lights to evoke the atmosphere of the movie Grease.


Adventure City will also include two restaurants, the first being the Osteria Corleone, the famous restaurant of The Godfather trilogy featuring a terrace overlooking the lake. The second restaurant is inspired by Grease, and will re-create a typical American restaurant.



Rango’s West seems to be the “Frontierland” of the park, but with a sense of humor: The Far West will be the main theme of this world with a combination of performances, shops, rides and restaurants.



A Western land in theme parks is classic but Paramount wanted to give this version a twist. It will be designed as a small village in the American West with everyday elements of our lives like barrels, bottles, jars, etc. that have been transformed by insects in their homes and buildings. This way the visitor will have the feeling of being reduced to the size of a bug and will be constantly surprised to see everyday objects under a different light.


Rango’s West will be the largest area of the park. The first major attraction that guests will find is “Spirit of the West”, a mine train which looks like a standard mine train coaster from Vekoma, but it seems that no deal has been signed yet with a manufacturer. We’re hoping that in the end we don’t end up with an off-the-shelf ride.



Continuing along the main street of this western village guests will find “Rango’s Rootin’ Tootin’ 4D Spectacular”, a 4-D theater movie. Rango the sheriff will be the main character in “How the West Was Sung”. Visitors will help the character to restore order in the city. The 4D scenes will bring the guests to a world filled with legendary characters from the Paramount western movies.


In the back of Rango’s West, guests will find the second major attraction of the land, “Rango’s Ragin’ Rapids”. This will be a fast raft ride through the Wild West of Rango. Riders will have to dodge obstacles that they find along the way, or end up completely wet at the end! The mine train may cross over the rapids at some point, but the feasibility of this has yet to be determined.




On the island created in the center of the rapids, guests will find the “Oasis Play Zone”, a small playground including water games as well as slides and other attractions.


“The Enchanted Forest” will be a land dedicated to magic and fantasy.



The area is divided into three distinct areas. Sleepy Hollow is the first and is inspired by the popular Tim Burton movie. Just like in the Tim Burton movie, Sleepy Hollow will be a grim but fanciful place that will reflect the atmosphere of mystery and terror of the film. Upon entering, guests will see the dead tree with the unmistakable Tim Burton style beside which they will find the 3D Sleepy Hollow show. Projection effects will be mixed with real actors.




The village of Stormhold is Enchanted Forest’s second area. This is an alternate world where magic reigns, especially witches, and is inspired by the movie Stardust, a fantasy adventure movie that provides the basis of a land dedicated to the wizards and witches that kids love so much. The first thing that guests will encounter is a carousel with fanciful characters, then at the village of Stormhold they will find a theater with interactive shows related to magic “Wizard Workshop”.


The third area is called Spiderwick Chronicles. Leaving the town of Stormhold, guests will enter the forest itself with a mythology and fantasy created for The Spiderwick Chronicles. The movie’s story focuses on a forest full of magical creatures from fairies to evil ogres and other characters, a magical world created for the film which is now coming to the theme park. Among the attractions that appears here is “Griffin Flyer”, a children’s roller coaster, a large hedge maze, a small children’s theater and a boat ride through a magical world filled with fairies, “Fairytale Journey”.


The major attraction of the land is “The Spiderwick Chronicles: Magical Mayhem”, an interactive dark ride where visitors armed with magic wands will enter the enchanted forest and kill the ogre who wants to destroy the magical world. Nearby, guests will find the Spiderwick family mansion that appears in the movie.


A hotel will be located in this area and have theming based on magic. This hotel will have direct access to the park. According to the creative guys, they wanted to play a lot with water and vegetation in this area, to cool Murcia’s often warm climate. The land will be, according to them, the crown jewel due to its landscaping and theming.

Next up is “Plaza Futura”, the “Tomorrowland” of this Paramount Park with exciting new 3D renderings!


Plaza Futura “will be dedicated to science fiction and to that uncertain future that many movies have described, with thrilling outer space adventures”.



Plaza Futura will employ the very strong Star Trek franchise, attracting fans of the Star Trek movies from all over the world. Plaza Futura is designed as a large retro-futuristic square in which guests will find the first Star Trek-based attraction, Starfleet Spain Recruiting Center, a 3D simulator ride set in a recruitment center in which guests will experience adventures in outer space.







The next attraction will be a big roller coaster in which visitors will ride aboard spectacular trains equipped for all kinds of motions. “Warp Speed Coaster” will go up to 100 feet high, with a top speed of more than 62 mph and will be a half mile long with loops and even an underground section.



Guests will also find a War of the Worlds restaurant but, ultimately, they didn’t find a concept for a War of the Worlds attraction. The indoor spinning coaster is also cancelled, so the park will open with 3 roller coasters: children, family and adult coasters.


The project is so extensive and so much more than a theme park, the Premursa company has released a PDF file (from which the artwork here was obtained), and you can download it HERE. Work on the park is already underway with a budget of 390 million euros. Premursa is investing $135 million and banks are financing $175 million. The park should be ready for an opening in late 2015 or early 2016!

Here’s a short video shot at the Premursa booth during the Fitur International Tourism Fair at the end of January where guests could see the model and 3D presentation.

Pictures: copyright Premursa – Paramount Parks