Disney producer and author Greg Ehrbar joins Team Mousetalgia this week to discuss the history of Disneyland Records and the new book “Inside the Whimsy Works,” an autobiography of Disney Legend Jimmy Johnson which Ehrbar co-edited. Johnson created Disney’s record division, and Ehrbar provides a wealth of information about the early days of Disney recordings, discussing Little Golden Records, See Hear Read Records, and stories about some of the behind the scenes players like Tutti Camerata, the producer who set the early vision for Disneyland Records in place. Dave also discusses his extensive Disney vinyl collection and offers tips and tricks to anyone interested in starting a record collection. Plus – Kristen discovers some lost Pinocchio music, a listener reports on the new home of the Hillbillies, and we offer a special Valentine’s week report on finding romance at the resort!

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  • DobbysCloset

    As long-time RCA dealers who had an in-store music department, my grandparents made sure I got every Disneyland Record as soon as they were released. Before VHS those beautiful LP packages were all children had to keep movies alive in our hearts between rare screenings; I treasured them dearly.

  • I remember the pre-video days poring over the LP storybooks myself. After we did this interview, I went out and started hunting down some of the Disney Little Golden Records from my youth on eBay – the first just came in the mail today, in fact.

  • wendygirl1979

    I was a nerd from way back and an early reader, so my parents never bought me any of the ‘read-along’ records (‘you can read ’em, what’s the point?’) but I did happen to catch when Disney started rereleasing some of the albums on cassettes and CDs in the early nineties. I became ‘the girl that listens to Disney songs’ and even now, years later, I’ll have tracks from Mickey Mouse Disco, Mousersize (sp) and Splashdance on my MP3 player.