Walls Coming Down at the Mine Train

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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Published on February 14, 2014 at 2:00 am with 34 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • Disneygayguy

    Great report and I’ve never been to Disney World but looks like this time of year is perfect to visit. Can’t wait to see how the inside of the Mine Train will look.

  • michael darling

    Coming right along and looking charming. As for that wide open area at the end of Main St, have we always been able to see the backside/service side of the facade so easily? Don’t recall that view. Adventureland needs to remove the plants from its fountains and let them flow again.

  • Wagi

    They removed the planter that was there I think. I can understand if the purpose was to remove traffic bottlenecks, but it would be nice if they added more places to sit, which is what many people did on the planter edges. As it is now the outdoor tables nearby are always packed with people.

  • Herc

    Cory, going towards the Tomorrowland Noodle Station, there was a planter in front of the bathrooms behind the Plaza Restaurant.

  • Herc

    Wagi, I didn’t see your comment before posting. Also to add to that, they are supposed to make a back exit behind the shops on Main Street. This will be the entry point.

  • Orlando71

    Yah there used to be a planter in front of the bathrooms. I remember sitting on them. Great update!

  • LoveStallion

    Look at that thing! The mine train is quite beautiful. I’m impressed.

  • airick75

    Leave it to Disney World to cover a sign with black plastic and electrical tape. WDW is still pretty fun, but it’s sad to know there are enough people in charge and working there that just don’t get it. I’m not saying everyone working there doesn’t get it, but obviously there are enough.

    Also – what’s up with the parade at AK getting shelved? Leaving only the parade at the MK.

  • TCadillac

    Wow the 7DMT is looking sessy. I am thoroughly impressed!

  • tooncity

    The Dwarfs looks great. But how can they waste 3 years on this and NOT make it a E-ticket? This park is in desperate need of a couple e-ticket attractions when they charge $400 a day for a family of 4. Seems silly to make such a big deal out of this little attraction when they haven’t built something great in over 20 years. Such a waste of money.

    • Country Bear

      I believe it is an E Ticket. That’s how D23 is selling it anyway. Imagine a 90 second E Ticket. I think it will likely be a nice C or D ticket once you remove the hype from it.

  • EasyRover

    I’m convinced the Mine Train will never open and is part of some large-scale psychology experiment to test people’s patience.

    • Ok, that was funny!

      But I do think the visuals show a hyper-detailed experience. While It shouldn’t have taken 3 years to build, you can clearly see why the project was so complex and took a long time to complete. The walls coming down is a sure sign that CM testing and soft openings aren’t too far away.

    • jcruise86

      ^ ^ No, EasyRover, that experiment was started by Walt himself was Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion that finally opened six years after the Mansion exterior began teasing guests.

      Tooncity, just pretend that all of the Harry Potter developments at Universal Orlando are really part of Walt Disney World.

      The dwarf coaster–or is it “Little Thunder Mtn. RR”?–did look pretty good, and if the cars sway in an interesting way this might be a fine D ticket–like the Little Mermaid–though the Under the Sea room needs to be much more lively, faster moving and visually impressive.

      I hope Time magazine (soon to join Universal with Warner?–hope not), and the major papers and networks will use the dwarf coaster vs. Gringotts to contrast the two Florida resorts’ recent developments.

  • daveyjones

    is it me or does it seem like for the last year and half, the entire magic kingdom has been basically continually under construction? buildings behind photo scrims, temp walls, etc etc everywhere. this might be nostalgia, but in visiting the parks in the 80s and 90s, it seemed that only a small thing here or there was worked on. a small temp wall here or there.

    • Erik Olson

      Maybe it was lax maintenance in the 80s and 90s that led to the constant need for major refurb work?

    • WorldLover71

      New construction and renovations take much longer now than they did in the 80’s and earlier eras. This is true not just at Disney but everywhere. It has to do with construction budgets, safety procedures, union rules and many other factors. At Disney, they also do far less work on the late night 3rd shift than they used to. All this means that a refurb that took a few days or a week now takes several weeks. The same number of refurbs are taking place but they take longer and overlap more. (Don’t get me started on that ugly crane hanging over the castle for months ruining everyone’s pictures.)

      I went to WDW several time in the late 80’s and early 90’s in January and February and you could always count on a few rides being down and a couple little building refurbs but nothing like today. Due to this I really can’t recommend going during the off season anymore despite the more manageable crowds.

  • Malin

    The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster looks amazing with the exception of the trees which have yet to win me over. This and the Parade “Festival of Fantasy” have peaked my interest… My trip to Orlando this year will certainly cover both of these new offerings. Right now Disney have won me over. Universal has yet to impress me.

    • jcruise86

      Really? “Amazing”?

      • CaptainAction

        It’s a cute little roller coaster for sure. Should have been taken 1 year to complete. The trees are going to have to be trimmed to stay at this hieght. The trees are almost too big for the mound now.

        There is no way this is an E Ticket attraction as WDW is selling it. This is C or maybe D. WDW is trying to make this the new new definition of E Ticket Attractions.

        Giant try to lower expectations so they can keep doing 1 ride every 5 years with a C Ticket budget.

      • AaroniusPolonius

        There’s no way those trees are real and thus, won’t need to be trimmed.

  • Kenny B

    I still don’t understand why many of you, even hardcore Disneyites- – keep referring to SDMT as an “mini” Big Thunder. BTR, is not large, fast,nor a great coaster. The mountain may be bigger, but the scope of the actual ride is very similar to the SDMT. If the “hill” was larger, would everyone still call the mine train a “small” addition? We don’t know the actual layout, nor do we know the full extent of the “dark ride” aspect. We all know of one scene Disney has been teasing for a while – they’res a good chance that there might be a 2nd scene, or, more probable – a “kicker” -a “wow” moment none of us have bothered to even consider this ride may be hiding.

    I thought BTMR was a poor roller coaster when I was 8, but I always knew it was a great attraction. I have a feel SDMT will be a far more effective roller coaster, and as an attraction – on par with BTMR. Once the ride is open, and new Fantasyland is in its proper functioning state, I think many of the complaints of the ride being a “kiddie” ride will dissolve.

    I’m really bothered by the people who love Big Thunder Mountain, and seem to loathe the Seven Dwarfs mine train. At Disney, we love using the same ride systems – and slightly upgrading them – as in the evolution from the omni-movers at the Haunted Mansion, to the trackless ride system at Pooh in Japan, or the new Rat ride in France. Now at WDW, we have a first of a kind swinging car system. We know what we like, and apparently that is that the classics never go out of style.

    They’re so many positives to this project. I get the angst due to the lack of new rides, alongside the never ending bulldozer Universal has become. Don’t take your dissatisfaction with how WDW is operating out on the biggest ride we’ve seen at the complex since Everest.

    I’m like you, a little let down that this is the “best” Disney could do. But WDW is letting Universal play its hand first – and hopefully after seeing slight loss in the market, will begin an war path to the former glitz and glory of 250 million dollar E-ticket attractions that last more than one hundred and twenty seconds.

    I guess the point of the post is….. lay off the ride, it’s almost here – and it looks to be a great addition. What will you complain about after the ride is open?

    • jcruise86

      ^ ^ I’ll find something. 🙂

    • WesternMouse

      Try BTMR in Paris. It’s on an island and going to and from the island back to the un/loading area is a blast.

      • DisWedWay

        Yes PDL’s BTMRR is the tallest, fastest, longest, deepest, largest, and best themed of all 4. Honk Kong and Shanghai will not have one which is a loss. No comparison here to the Dwarf Mine Ride which looks to be a great addition to Fantasyland rich in detail learned from past Splash Mountains..

      • thebear

        I completely agree. That part of the ride is amazing. My favorite Disney coaster I’ve been on.

      • WesternMouse

        DisWedWay and Bear–

        Before I rode it the first time, I was walking by the exit and I saw people of all ages come off that ride with the largest smiles I’ve ever seen. The ending is so unexpected that it just leaves riders with a euphoria unlike any other ride in any park I’ve been on.

        Paris’s demographics are different, too, so seeing older folks riding BTMR was unusual for me, too, and great to witness.

    • CaptainAction

      It all plays out like this:

      WDW is lowering expectations to one C Ticket attraction in 5 years. They call it an E Ticket today but it’s a C ticket in historic Disney accomplishments.

      If there are enough” WDW can do no wrong folks” who would love WDW if they never built a new attraction ever again + Theme Park Novices to keep the bean counters at WDW happy – then you will never have anything better.

      Let’s see how many “WDW Can Do No Wrong” folks there are who would be happy with 1 new parade every 5 years.

      Meanwhile, if you want a better WDW, than Universal is your only reason for hope. Without Universal kicking WDW’s rear in new lands, cutting edge attractions, and better resorts for less – you wouldn’t even have this C Ticket kiddie coaster in three years.

    • Tielo

      Yeh I’ve seen pictures of the “next evolution” of ride vehicles, the rat cars at DLP. They really creep me out, what is the story there: we got a rat and gutted it and slammed seats in it so guests can travel around a kitchen being the size of a rat in a rat?!

      There are drawings of the layout of the ride on the internet. This one is quite clear:
      You see it’s a small coaster and it supposedly only has 1 large dark ride scene that you see from different directions (something like the graveyard at the haunted mansion). For the budget and the fact it took them so long to build it’s very disappointing.

      I don’t see the 7DMT bind the mismatch that is new fantasyland together. It a weird collection of architecture, miniatures and landscaping, something “old” fantasyland is not.

      • Country Bear

        Oh dear, that looks even shorter than I originally imagined it to be. Great details but if it’s a 2 hour wait in line, then this will likely be viewed by guests in the same light as the Rocket Rods were; An unbearable wait for not much ride.

        Could be very scary if this plays out. I hope we don’t have the full picture here yet and they have some amazing hidden surprise within the tracks.

    • DisWedWay

      I’m glad they listened to me about putting split log ties on the Dwarf Mine Train instead of milled timbers per it’s era. It’s not a Western ride. Looking good Dave. I hope Nikon does take over the Camera Shop especially in Paris Disneyland. Big Thunder wont be finished until they remove the 1930’s gas station electric down-lights off the Big Thunder Entrance sign. They are OK in Disney California’s raft ride which is more contemporary. Good luck with that T&K.

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  • MikeBlakesley

    Disney World used to be a “once in a lifetime” thing for most. More recently, Disney is marketing itself more to the “come every year” crowd, which is getting bigger and bigger. (My wife and I are members of that crowd, in fact some years we go twice.) This even extends to the signs on property, which proclaim “SEE YA REAL SOON!” upon your exit. To keep people interested at that level they need to figure out ways to step things up. I can see the attention to detail causing the Mine Train to take a long time, but given that, how long will it take to build Avatarland, 8 years? 10 years?

  • Skimbob

    i see all the complaing here and I think to myself if people are so unhappy with WDW then they should spend their money elsewhere. That is the only way to show Disney your displeasure. I am a DL fan first and foremost but I really like all the parks in WDW and I enjoy some of the additions they have made. I think that the new Fantasyland is awesome and all parts of it will go together perfectly. I am not saying everything is perfect. I agree they could move quicker on building new attractions.