They may be located an hour and a half away from Disneyland, but we still try to make it to Six Flags Magic Mountain from time to time to bring you updates on what’s new. This week finds two big additions to the park.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Pirates Paradise
The new Pirates Paradise opened over Memorial Weekend at Six Flags’ water park at Magic Mountain. The area is essentially a tiki themed bar and snack location that doesn’t really blend into the waterpark very well.

If anything it reminds us a bit of the Lost Bar at the Disneyland Hotel (before it was retimed)

The bar area has a pirates/tiki theme

The bar menu

A Steel Drum band plays every hour or so and is a nice addition.

While  the new area is nice enough, it does needs a bit more to incorporate it into the Waterpark. A swim-up bar would have been a nice touch to make it feel like part of the waterpark environment. Even for a busy Saturday the area wasn’t very busy.

The other new addition to the Waterpark this year was the Flash Pass. We didn’t utilize the Flash Pass during our visit but the park has done a great job blending Flash Pass into the existing attractions.

Your first stop is to the Flash Pass Sales Center where you can purchase the Regular or Gold Flash Pass

Each attraction on the Flash Pass has a number assigned to it. You take your Flash Pass bracelet to one of the kiosks located throughout the park and select your ride time.

There are approximately 6-8 Kiosks located throughout the park so there is no need to return to the Flash Pass Sales Center to select your next ride.

We hope to try out the Flash Pass this summer and report back.

Construction continued at Lex Luthor this week and the ride is getting closer it’s opening date of June 30th.

The Ride Vehicles were covered up during our visit, but we have been alerted that testing should begin this week

The Gold Trim was added prior to our last update, but for some reason it just seemed to “pop” more this week. Looks really nice.

Workers were constructing the new gate that is near the Colossus bathrooms.

The track on the tower is much more clearly defined.

The restaurant with the strange name “What The Fried,” was finally open during our visit this week and we were able to get a picture of the menu as well as try a couple of the treats.

The What The Fried Menu

We were VERY excited to try the Dole Whips to see how they compared to Disneyland’s version. From what we could tell, the taste is the same, but the texture didn’t seem as “smooth”. Still, it was absolutely delicious and is one of our favorite treats at the park.

They also offer a Mango and Strawberry Whip. We tried the Mango as well as the Pineapple and it was FANTASTIC! We will be trying the Strawberry on our next visit.

The Mango and Pineapple Dole Whips. As you can see, they are bigger than what you get at Disneyland, and only $3.49.

Who’s planning a visit to Six Flags this summer? Dole Whip and Drop of Doom?!