Hello, and welcome to [B]Dateline Disney World![/B] I’ve got two Disney World columns for you today. This particular article will deal with the [B]Magic Kingdom[/B] and the [B]New Fantasyland[/B] construction. So, without any further ado, lets get started!


Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!



[center][size=5][b]Main Street News[/b][/size]

On Main Street USA, it is just another week with the same old construction scrims!



Like I mentioned last week, you can really see them drooping. Makes this sign you see on refurb walls come to mind 😉


On a serious note, they have been under the knife for quite some time, and I cannot wait to photograph them once they are new and beautiful again.

Last week, I commented on how I wish MK Operations would have the Main Street Vehicles out and running more. And it seems like this week, I got my wish!


Usually, I don’t see any of the vehicles out past 11am, and on this particular day, I did not arrive until well after noon, and they were still out and running.


Naturally, I followed them all the way down Main Street to Cinderella Castle and took in many fun photo ops that aren’t always available.


I don’t know if this is an extra move to help satiate the hungry summer crowds, but it is most definitely welcome, and helps to add to the magic of the Magic Kingdom. So kudos, Disney!

[center][size=5][b]Construction Kingdom[/b][/size]

Heading over to the New Fantasyland expansion, we saw lots of movement this week! We’ll start out over by the Castle Wall.


As you can see, lots of teal stuff went up along the outline of the wall. This is likely some sort of protective foam, much like what is put underneath siding on everyone’s houses.



It is starting to look quite nice, as you can finally start to get a good sense of what this wall will look like once completed.




Over at the large Beauty and the Beast area, things are looking greener, and overall just better.



At Gaston’s Tavern, you can see lots of detail in the building in this shot, in which I held a 300mm lens about 3 feet over my head to capture!


And over at Bonjour! Village Gifts, the roofing has been completed for the most part and is looking good.


At the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, it is clear that the steel structure is expanding low to the ground as opposed to high in the sky lately.


By the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the new meet and greet location that was covered up last week has some nice wooden detail done.


It fits the weathered look of the New Fantasyland.


The big news over at the Little Mermaid omnimover this week is the addition of many palm trees!



They look really nice, and will really help this area shine and be different from both the Snow White and Beauty and the Beast areas surrounding it.


Heading into Storybook Circus, we see more trees added right from the start.


The large tree to the left, I believe, was not there last week, and is definitely new since it had support holding it up.

The big news this week out of Storybook Circus came over at the Casey Jr. Soak ‘n’ Splash play area. The walls were pushed back, revealing the new trees and lots of other details!



The sign for the Casey Jr. area was revealed.




As were the rules for the area. These are some serious rules, and a little disturbing to read, but it makes sense since they don’t want people getting sick or hurt.


One of the staircases leading down into the play area was also revealed.


The detail on the ground is wonderful, but I think a more weathered look on the handrails would have worked better.


Here are some more shots of the Casey Jr. area:



Detail in the ground and seating areas:


One cool thing I’ve noticed here is that they are using several different types of light fixtures.




They’ve also been building another round building (presumably a tent) the past few weeks, and it is coming right along.



At the new marquee for Dumbo, we showed you last week how Timothy has been installed. Well, this week, Timothy was also spinning, right along with the ride itself.



Here’s a short video of Timothy:

Before we leave Storybook Circus and cover the rest of the park, I’d like to share these two photos with you:



It is amazing to see how green this area of the park has become in just over two months. It will be absolutely wonderful to come through here after some of the trees have grown and just enjoy the atmosphere along with some shade. Really good on Disney’s part for making this happen!

[center][size=5][b]This and That[/b][/size]

At the old Snow White location, they decided that a blue piece of cloth would be better than an tan one!


Over at its a small world, the scrims came down.




As far as I could tell, they had to scrims up to do some painting. But, at a closer glance, there are some pretty bad spots that were just under refurbishment.



Kind of odd if you ask me.

Over by the Haunted Mansion, the new trees that were planted where they are building the new pathway still look great, and are helping divide Liberty Square and Fantasyland nicely.


They were also doing some quick paint work over at the exit.


Back in Fantasyland, I noticed a major problem. There is stroller parking literally everywhere.




There are other spots I didn’t photograph as well. I know there is a need for strollers, and when parents go on rides with their children, they need to park them somewhere. But, when it gets to a point where navigating through this part of the park is a true problem, they have to figure out a better solution. Hopefully when the work on the left side of the land is done as well as New Fantasyland, this problem won’t persist.

In exciting news, due to the high crowds, the Diamond Horseshoe was actually open!



Here’s the menu:


Some of the options looked great, and different from the traditional Magic Kingdom burger/chicken/pizza.




I think it is a true shame that this building isn’t open all year round. It is really neat on the inside, they used to put on a great show in there, and when it is closed, it just feels like wasted space. Hopefully it stays open at least for the whole summer.

And lastly, speaking of summer time, ouch:


…wait for it..double ouch:


…wait for it…triple ouch!


Yep, it’s hot and it’s crowded this summer at Walt Disney World.

Well, that’s going to wrap things up at the Magic Kingdom. Lots going on for sure. Do you like spinning Timothy? How about the palms going up in front of the Little Mermaid? Hate strollers like I do? Let us know in the comments!

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