Holiday crowds hit Disneyland as the parks celebrate Valentine’s Day, Gospel and more

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disney Parks, Disneyland Resort, Features

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Published on February 17, 2014 at 5:05 am with 50 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • Tinkbelle

    That apple looks delicious and your flower pictures are sublime. I enjoy the tilt, for what it’s worth!

  • itsxxdomoxxkun

    Dapper Day is Sunday, not Saturday!

  • Larry Parker

    At Disneyland today(2/17)I was told by a cast member at the Monorail Station above the subs that he has seen, IN WRITING, that the subs WILL return-that the refurbishment is for real!

    • Country Bear

      The best way to sell a story is to tell a story. I imagine that’s what Disney is doing internally so no-one will be the wiser. I hope what he heard is true but I am skeptical at this point.

    • TodAZ1

      Even if it’s in writing, I’m more than positive the Cast Member would see, in writing, Disney’s plan to close the Subs forever. If that’s what they choose to do.

      Just because the CM saw something in writing NOW in no way forces Disney to close the subs at a later date. And it really depends on what he saw, doesn’t it? Was it the official refurb schedule that Disney posts on the DL website?

      • TodAZ1

        I mean to say, “in no way forces Disney to keep the Subs open and not announce the closure at a later date.”

  • danielz6

    Wow Andy, the pic of carthay Theater and the pink blossoms may be the most beautiful I’ve yet to see of the theater.

  • dizneydomenic

    Seems silly to ax the subs after all the money spent on it…Now Innoventions…needs a new attraction..big waste of valuable space (i still say keep the building put in a new show)

  • Algernon

    Great pictures. Postcard quality!

  • 4Apples4Disney

    Great update Andy! Thank you so much for your wonderful columns. It’s truly something I look forward to every week!

  • DobbysCloset

    Thank you, Andy, for your report. I am so hoping that Innoventions can morph into something for boys like the Pink Greeting Palace is for little girls. Imagine the marvelous murals and comics that could be themed on the outside of the building.

    The treats look exquisitely delicious and I appreciate being able to view them in full color close-up from a safe distance. The Gospel concert is why I want to stay in Southern Cal for weeks on end with an AP. And I love the pictures that seem to be taken from a Peter Pan Perspective, giving a Pan-oramic view.

  • 3rdshiftCM

    So does the Subs being left out in the open a good thing meaning the park isn’t trying to hide there existence or is it a bad thing meaning they just aren’t concerned with their upkeep being left out in the elements for the next 9 months?

    I hope it’s a sign of good things happening in the caves and that the Subs would have been in the way if stored inside.

    • Will G

      I don’t want to weigh in on the “will it/won’t it?” debate on the subs re-opening, but I don’t think the subs will suffer much from being left in the “elements”
      They cruise around and sit in water most of the time. I think they’re already acclimated. They might fade in the sun, but one year out of the water shouldn’t destroy them. They aren’t parade floats. They’re marine vehicles.


  • Country Bear

    Does anyone know why Space Mountain seems to have a temporary delay in opening in the morning? I’ve noticed this sign on the Attraction Wait Times Board a number of times here on MieChat. Just seems a bit odd.

  • TodAZ1

    Looking at the HoJo webcam, the tarp and scaffolding are now down from Space Mountain. Just the oval metal part is left. Wasn’t that way this morning.

  • jenmurray

    So no POTC, Indiana, and possibly no Small World for Gumball?

  • HollywoodF1

    Those who can’t tell the difference in the Tiki Juice Bar didn’t look closely enough. They now have twice the number of nozzles for the Dole Whip, and another cash register. According to the CM’s at that location, they can do a whole lot more volume now with those bottlenecks addressed.

  • 17goingon3

    Gorgeous photos in this update! Exciting stuff!