A lot of first time Walt Disney World guests tend to write-off Epcot as an “adults only” type of park, but I encourage all of them to give it at least one day with the kiddos, and most of them are glad they did.  While my little mouseketeers enjoy all of Epcot, they really gravitate toward the World Showcase.  It’s not unusual for them to spend two or even three days wandering through the eleven pavilions and having a blast!  Here are just a few of the fun experiences for littles in Epcot’s World Showcase.

Kidcot Fun Stops

Sprinkled throughout the showcase (and Future World, as well), these stations have provided hours of fun for my kids.  Each stop provides a chance to interact with a cast member or two who are natives of the country in which they’re located.  The kids can chat with these cast members, continuously add to a craft (most recently a Duffy Bear or Perry the Platypus on a stick) and get a stamp from each country.


Get Park Wise: A fun way to navigate the Kidcot stops is to purchase or bring a homemade passport.  Each station will stamp the passport, and the cast member will write a message in their native language.


First-timers are often not aware that the World Showcase is chock full of character meet and greet opportunities.  Many of the pavilions feature Disney friends who call that country home.  You can find Snow White in Germany, Mulan in China, Aladdin in Morocco, etc.  One of my favorite things about World Showcase meet and greets is that the surroundings make great backgrounds for your photos!


Get Park Wise: World Showcase meet and greet locations typically have times posted, so if you want to meet your favorite international character with little wait, hop in line a few minutes before the meet and greet begins.


Similar to Hollywood Studios’ streetmosphere performers, Epcot’s World Showcase also features “pop-up” performances.  In true Disney fashion, these shows often involve audience participation, and many kids love being the center of attention.  Check out your Times Guide for show schedules.


Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

Kids get a chance to interact with their favorite Phineas and Ferb characters via Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.  After signing up to be an agent (located at several kiosks around the showcase), your Field Operative Notification Equipment (aka F.O.N.E) will guide you through a country.  Secret agents will use their F.O.N.E.s to receive clues and interact with the World Showcase, hopefully defeating Dr. Doofenshmirtz!


What do your kids like to do in the World Showcase?