Excitement at the Disneyland Paris Resort is ramping up as the opening of the new Ratatouille attraction grows closer. At their recent annual meeting, stockholders were treated to a presentation on the attraction from Walt Disney Imagineering’s Executive Vice President Tom Fitzgerald. Thanks to Alain Littaye, we have photos and video of the meeting. ~~Rick

Ratatouille Presentation Wows Disneyland Paris Stockholders
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog


We have news from the DLP Annual Stockholder Meeting thanks to a great video filmed at the meeting by Max Fan, D&M contributor and the screen captures that you will see below.


WDI Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald gave a great presentation on the making of the highly awaited Ratatouille ride which is expected to soft open at Walt Disney Studios at the end of June with an official grand opening apparently scheduled for July 14, French National Day (Bastille Day).

Tom Fitzgerald was introduced to the audience by DLP CEO Philippe Gas…


…who welcomed Tom to the Cinémagique stage…


After an introduction in French, Tom informed the audience that he would continue in English…


Then he began his presentation on how DLPI Imagineers built the ride.


Tom explained that it started with talks with Pixar animators who worked on the animated feature, including director Brad Bird, to make sure they would create a unique story for the attraction but still pay tribute to the film…


…from there they built a scale model of the attraction (the model shown below is just a part of the whole ride model).


They actually built the model with ride vehicles so they could ride through and see the point of view that guests would have during the ride.


With the model finished, they started to build the full scale, giant-size show elements. Remember that guests will be “reduced” to the size of a rat during the ride…


They did over 2,000 leaves for Remi’s restaurant which were all hand painted!


These tables are also over scaled.


The animated movies that you will see in the ride were created in 3D by their colleagues at Pixar, in the largest scale they’ve ever created…


Here is a WDI rendering showing the ride vehicle passing near a giant show element…


Tom also talked about the unique ride system which will be used to move the “Ratmobiles”, as Imagineers call the ride vehicles in which six passengers will be allowed to travel.



Meanwhile, the architectural team was busy constructing the exterior of the ride, the progress of which we have followed closely and documented here.


They created elaborate color boards that allowed the Imagineers to recreate the colors with great accuracy.


Tom also talked about “Chez Rémi” and how they’re bringing to life Rémi’s restaurant where guests will be able to have a delicious meal…


…in a super sized fantasy environment!


At the end of the presentation, cooks dressed in Ratatouille-style garb danced on stage.


…soon joined by Mickey, Minnie and Rémi for a grand finale!




Here is the full video of Tom Fitzgerald’s presentation:


Here are some boots on the ground photos of the new attraction as it currently sits, courtesy of Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. They have started to place the “Parisian” cobblestones in place, and work on the facades is almost finished. I’m curious to see if the cobblestones are slippery in the rain – the real ones are…






DLP Imagineers didn’t forget to insert amazing details into the decor, like these sculpted Gruyere cheese slices near the ride entrance.





We’re always learning something new about the attraction, and we now know that the ride music was composed by Michael Giacchino, who did the original score for the animated film.


Also, stockholders who were at the 2014 stockholders meeting got a special gift that you can see below. Remember that the Ratatouille ride will be called “L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémi” in French and is rumored to have soft openings at the end of June and a grand opening on July 14.


Watch this space for another Disneyland Paris update.

Pictures and video: copyright Max Fan

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  • Malin

    It’s alright in them giving Shareholders a preview. But these Shareholders are not the people Disneyland Paris should be promoting it too! The lack of blog post’s on the Parks Blog and both Twitter and Facebook pages is poor. Walt Disney World on the other hand is posting almost weekly updates on images, news and videos promoting both it’s Seven Dwarfs Coaster and new Festival of Fantasy Parade. Creating excitement for it’s newest offerings. While the lack of news coming from the Ratatioulle attraction is non existant. We don’t even know an opening date which is going to result in a lot of people holding back vacations until nearer to the time. By that time Hotel rates will be slashed for the Summer causing a loss in revenue.

  • FredSimmons

    One small negative I noticed was a decline in quality between the initial artist drawings of the “Ratmobile”, and the later computer rendering of the vehicle. The initial drawing shows a realistic, personable cartoon face, while the rendering shows a far less imaginative (and somewhat expressionless) generic rat-shape.

    • Freddie Freelance

      I don’t think either initial drawing or computer rendering will be exactly like the finished product.

      I’m wishing there were more images of nearly finished pieces like that beautiful plate, or the tea cup table & ramekin seat, and less video of chefs dancing the can-can!

    • Rogermeyers

      The computer rendering resembles the Ratatouille logo from the film. The cartoony face would have ended up looking a bit cheap in real life

  • Larry Parker

    I always felt the use of rats(universally regarded as disgusting creatures)instead of mice or perhaps hamsters as the central characters only served to repulse the potential audience. Will the next animated stars be roaches?!

    • WorldLover71

      It’s not the main character but Wall-E has a friend/pet roach that is very sweet.

    • DobbysCloset

      Domestic Rats are clean, sweet and very intelligent. Every child should have an experience with a pet rat around age five to teach them to make their own decisions about stereotyping both non-human creatures and one another.

      • Larry Parker

        Wonder where the expression “What a rat!” came from.(Not to mention the disease and ruination of much food supply they bring on annually.)And I hope your baby is never bitten by a rat as has frequently happened in the past. And the Bubonic Plague?(fleas on RATS!)

  • Disneykin Kid

    Does a rat really make a restaurant more appetizing? That’s the problem I always had with the movie, even though it had a good story. Especially when you have a giant realistic (sort of) rat roaming around a real restaurant. I remember they had a small animatronic Remy in I think it was an Epcot restaurant or the Cruise Line. Yeah maybe people who like the movie would think it’s cute, but really – a rat promoting a restaurant? Especially a fine dining restaurant? It’s kind of like – ‘Ok it’s cute, but on the other hand, I don’t really want to think about rats in this restaurant’.

    Also, having a ride based on a Paris setting with Paris facades – in Paris? It’s like a California theme for a park in California. Maybe the ride will be great and maybe it will work, and maybe the French will like it better than all the Americanizations of Disneyland, but I’m just saying…

  • shevys

    Nice update! Thanks for the video and the effort!

  • BradyNBradleysMom

    I don’t know how I feel about being shrunk down to the size or a rat and eating in a restaurant where there are giant rants walking around. It’s a little unappetizing to me. Very imaginative and I would love the ride, but the restaurant is not my think. I would have preferred a Gusteau’s restaurant I think.

  • Alex12348

    When is the opening at the end of June or on July 14

  • jcruise86

    I like rats, though I’ve never been bitten by one. The Paris Studios needs this to be outstanding. Then they need to redo much of the rest of this most unpark-like of Disney parks.

    Thank you for that excellent update!

  • Tielo

    So when you ride the ride you do so in a gutted rat, great idea Imagineering?! Why not in a tea cup or a paper and salt shaker? That would be more appetizing then a gutted rat.
    Then when you walk outside the restaurant you are human sized but when you enter the door you are rat sized with human sized windows, doors and ceiling, sure.

    Also a Paris themed area in Paris? Will I go and see the reel thing or the Disneyfication kitch?

  • gurgi

    It looks like it’s going to be very pretty outside, but like some others have pointed out, what will the French think of a “fake” Paris not far from the real one? Will it be like DCA and it’s replicas of California in California? Maybe the ride will be so much fun, they won’t think about it or care, but to me it seems like some might be annoyed at an American company building a representation of France…in France.

  • DobbysCloset

    After having had well over a dozen wonderful pet rats I would be delighted to shrink down to their size and enjoy their restaurant. If only I could shrink down to rat-size for real and stow away on a plane to Paris…

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