Time for another Busch Gardens Tampa update! Come along as we have a cheetah birthday party, get the latest on Bands Brew & BBQ and check on the progress of Falcon’s Fury and Pantopia!

Cheetah Birthday

Kasi the cheetah recently turned 3 years old and Busch Gardens threw a party fit for a king… or a cheetah at least. His trainers set out various goodies for Kasi to explore.





If you didn’t know, Kasi was born at the Jacksonville Zoo in 2011, but was rejected by his mother. It was determined that Busch Gardens would be the best place to raise the little guy. He was paired with a yellow lab puppy named Mtani and the two were the very best of friends. However, Mtani was really a “people K-9” at heart and now lives with one of the trainers. Kasi now spends most of his time with Jenna, one of the female cheetahs.





Kasi loved the “meat cake” but wanted nothing to do with the “birthday cake” made of boxes and decorated with various bird feathers (for enrichment). After Kasi had his fill of the celebration, some of the other cheetahs were let into the Cheetah Run habitat to explore the leftovers. One of them decimated the box cake in just a matter of moments.

Happy Birthday, Kasi! You’ve grown up to be a beautiful boy!

Falcon’s Fury & Pantopia Progress

Not much visible progress can be seen with Falcon’s Fury itself, however the queue for the ride has started going up and looks like it will be a shaded structure, which is good news as Florida summers get extremely hot and humid.



Lots of new paint and details can be seen transforming Timbuktu to Pantopia. Construction walls have gone up next to the Desert Grill where the new Dragon Fire Grill stand will be located. As we mentioned in our last update, Dragon Fire Grill will serve ribs, sausages and kebobs.





Check out the latest Falcon’s Fury webisode the park just released, where Jeff Hornick (Director of Design & Engineering) and Mark Rose (VP of Design & Engineering) take you INSIDE Falcon’s Fury:

Motor City Groove

We caught another performance of the new Motor City Groove show at the Desert Grill. Definitely check this show out next time you’re at the park, especially if you’re a fan of Motown music. It’s one of the best shows they’ve done in at the Desert Grill in a long time.









Bands Brew & BBQ Update

The park has released the schedule for the remaining concerts for Bands Brew & BBQ:

  • Saturday, March 1 – Lifehouse
Sunday, March 2 – ZZ Top
  • Saturday, March 8 – Daddy Yankee
  • Sunday, March 9 – Steve Miller Band

The concerts are at 5:00pm and are included with admission and are held in Gwazi Park, which opens to the public at noon. Seating is first come, first served, however, reserved VIP seating is available for an additional cost.

Around the Park

And let’s wrap up today’s update with some photos around the park and its furry and feathered inhabitants.
















Thank you for reading. We’ll check back in on Busch Gardens very soon.