The Disney Gallery explores Mechanical Kingdoms as Dapper Day comes to Disneyland

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disney Parks, Disneyland Resort, Features

Published on February 24, 2014 at 5:05 am with 33 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • gtsouthard

    while I did see some very nicely dressed people at dapper days, more or less there were just a lot of women looking for an excuse to bust out some clubwear. Lots of wannabe pinups there showing wayyyyyyy too much skin. I think a lot of people miss the point of what the day was supposed to be.

    • DobbysCloset

      I was wondering about that. Clubwear Best is not the same as Sunday Best, especially when Clubwear Best includes sky-high heels. Seems we might be courting disaster or at least seriously exposed skin if the Parks don’t figure this out soon. Or they could restrict these Days to cooler weather…

    • dlpostcardguy

      Hummm…I saw 1000’s of people dressed in their vintage best on Sunday and had a great time. There were also many that were just dressed up, not necessarily vintage but I don’t recall seeing very many objectionable outfits. Was very crowded but most everyone was on their best behavior.

    • miz bell

      Wow I saw tons of people dressed much nicer than the average visitor!

      • miz bell

        Just looks at pics above. It was very classy and tasteful.

  • LoveStallion

    What a nice reminder that DisneySea is leaps and bounds above all other Disney parks. 🙂

  • airick75

    When the lagoon reopened, wasn’t the lagoon full of vibrant color? If they do reopen it, I hope they do some work because it looks really dull now.

    Nice to see the St. Patrick’s shirt is actually branded “Disneyland” instead of generic one Disney shirt.

  • crmwed

    Am the only one still not stoked about Tomorrowland turning into Star Wars Land? I understand this franchise has a lot of popularity, but to make an entire land devoted to it at Disneyland seems kind of crazy to me. What if the new movies tank? I would argue that there are more people who are indifferent/don’t care much for Star Wars than there are fans who are crazy about it.

    And why close yourself off to just Star Wars theming? Why not have some Avengers mixed in? If you leave the overall theme of “Tomorrow,” you can have all of Disney’s properties included and hit a broader range of interests. You can keep Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain and the like, and still create new Star Wars/ Avenger themed attractions.

    I guess it just seems silly to me that they would pigeon-hole themselves into one franchise. Okay, rant over.

    • Maverick776

      You are not alone; I disagreed with the idea when I first heard about it.

      Taking a land devoted to showcasing and inspiring the progress of humanity, showing a glimpse into “The World of Tomorrow” and dumbing it down to sell tickets and hock plastic lightsabers ad nauseum bothers me. While I totally understand that Disney is, anymore, a business, and businesses need to find new ways to keep the doors open, why couldn’t they do this in the spirit of what Walt intended the land to be in the first place? Why can’t they create new and original attractions that showcase and create that glimpse of the future while making it fun and exciting? Something in the spirit of Mission: Space in Orlando? I’d wait in line for that for hours as opposed to a speeder bike chase through the Endor forest.

      There are other ways to cash in on Star Wars. What’s going to happen when the nostalgia wears off and the rides aren’t bringing people in anymore? Another Tomorrowland/Star Wars Land re-do? This is a ridiculous vicious cycle.

      I just expect originality and creative awesomeness from Disney. To me, this isn’t original. They can do so, SO much better than this.

      • danielz6

        Yep. Just look at those awesome Disney gallery pics. They can do way better if they wanted to.

    • MikeK

      I hope Disney backs down due to all the negative feedback this Star Wars in Tomorrowland scheme seems to be getting.
      They read these posts — I hope.

      • Maverick776

        I hope they do, too. I’ve been tempted to write them a letter, though if they have their minds set on doing Star Wars Land it won’t make a difference.

        I’ve written letters to them in the past and they typically respond, so it couldn’t hurt.

      • CaptainAction

        The Star Wars movies are old and done. Newest Star War movies were boring and lame. If the new ones are like the 3 recent Star Wars films this will be a real mess.

        There is a window of people who love Star Wars but many folks are older and younger than this window. Why pigeonhole yourself?

        This however is all a MUCH better idea than AVATAR, whew, stinko, lazy copy of a bad idea!

      • martinjbell1986

        Star Wars has a huge following and no matter how bad the new movie is, it’s still going to top a Billion. Disney did customer surveys on the new Star Wars land close to 2 years ago. It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of what year they want to pull the trigger.

      • danielz6

        I was hoping Disney would use star wars and marvel to anchor the supposed 3rd gate. There they could start from scratch and really give these great franchises the scope and scale they deserve. Instead they’re using it to further destroy tomorrowland for short term profit. This is going to further delay the much needed third gate. I guess we can look at the toy story parking lot for the next ten years and imagine what could’ve been. Tron would fit beautifully in tomorrowland, the submarines could be refreshed easily without the stupid nemo videos. But as a previous post said, Disney is more interested in selling plastic lightsabers and more bad star wars gag shirts.

      • CaptainAction


        How did those Disney surveys of the Magic Handcuffs turn out?

        How did those Disney surveys of Avatar go?

        Don’t hold your breath for Star Wars Land. They took years to think about New Fantasyland and gave us the lame Little Mermaid ride and are on year 3 of the Dwarf Mound coaster and it still hasn’t opened.

        Don’t underestimate the cheapness of current WDW execs buddy.

        Lack of desire to spend money on infrastructure to keep up with crowds is the reason you are wearing a Magic Handcuff and eating in a restaurant you chose 180 days ago.

        Star Wars Land – maybe your grand kids will see it.

    • Kenny B

      There is absolutely a 0% chance episode 7 will fail. It will make as much or more money than Avengers 2 when it’s all said and done. I don’t like the idea of a Star Wars/Marvel Park. I do like the idea of a Lucas Park though

      Check it out

      • sixalex

        I tend to agree with everyone regarding the re-theming of Tomorrowland away from the original intentions that Walt held into Star Wars. It is not that I think Star Wars is not worthy. Far to the contrary. Kenny B has the concept polished and aces my personal test of excitement. Too bad it is imaginary, but what an imagination!

        I love the general shape of Lucas Land! Thanks for sharing your art Kenny B.

    • crmwed

      I guess my complaint isn’t that Star Wars is somehow unworthy (I love Star Tours, even if it makes me barf), but more that if in the end Tomorrowland becomes Star Wars Land, Star Wars will be the single-largest property in the park. It doesn’t seem right to me that a franchise that just became Disney a year ago and was at the height of its popularity in the late 70’s would now encompass 1/4 of Disneyland Park.

  • Lakerfan3224

    Is the facades for Star Wars getting put up after the astro orbiter is taken out?

  • martinjbell1986

    Any MiceAge Update article in the works?

  • disneymagish

    Are they still keeping the Frozen merch on the shelves?

    I need to get some for this girl!

  • Princess Victoria

    Why does the wait board in DCA list Minnie’s Fly Girls as still being offerred? I was under the impression that it was canceled last year.

  • DobbysCloset

    The poster for the Exhibition Universelle 1900 Conference sur la Futur could inspire both a movie and a third gate. Certainly there’s plenty of concept art already. I’d add Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Houdini into the mix a la League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    And every other piece of this report inspires me to get myself retired and spend more time in Anaheim!

  • [email protected]

    Why is it that I don’t see any times for Fantasmic through April ?

  • Baloo

    I wish they would tear out the ugly plastic looking poppy fountain and build a fountain that is appropriate for the Disneyland resort.

    Something taller where kids can’t run around in it and something colorful and whimsical like the ones in Hong Kong or japan.

    I think that it is the ugliest thing of all downtown Disney an its one of the first and last things people see when they arrive by tram

  • ayalexander

    I knew that extra ring on top of Space Mountain was a permanent, themed addition! Its shape and structure have too much effort put into its design for something temporary.

    I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, with my most favorite two movies being episodes 5&6. However I too must object to all of Tomorrowland becoming Star Wars themed. Tomorrowland does and can continue to have the ability to host many future/fantasy based attractions, Walt would agree “more Star Wars” but, he would ask that the new additions be interwoven with other non-star Wars themed items like keeping Space Mountain its unique theme. I believe that Star Wars could be a designated “district” within tomorrowland, encompassing the Star Tours building, the people mover track (since I approve of the speederbike idea) and re-purposing both levels of the Starcade to feature a new attraction (whether its a ride or simply a WELL themed Star Wars meet and greet.

  • Country Bear

    Great report, thanks Andy!

    Does anyone know if they actually did anything to the front side of Splash Mountain with all that scaffolding? I’m thinking it was a facade to make people “think” they were renovating the attraction as they saved money by not operating it. I see that they have finally put a bit of scaffolding in the Subs Lagoon. I wonder if that is also cosmetic to allow people to “think” they are doing something as they save money on operations. Interesting approach.

    The parks look very nice currently.

  • malofilms

    I’m more concerned about guys wearing suspenders with a belt?! Gentlemen…pick one and rock it with pride.

  • bayouguy

    Daughter is waiting anxiously for Big Thunder Mountain. Can finally see the light.

  • Ravjay12

    Disney just needs to get to building something and then announce it while its being built like Universal does. Disney seems to get something exciting going but then they drag it out so long then everyone finds a reason why they shouldn’t do it.

  • Tinkbelle

    I love the idea of Dapper Day but more of a 50’s Dapper Day where people are dressed up like they were in the first years at Disneyland. The mix of so many decades just makes it messy and loses the charm and the vision.

    • Tiny Mermaid

      I agree. This was my first Dapper Day, and I thought it would be a sea of people dressed in 1950s-style clothing. The mix of different eras and styles (steampunk, for example) was, as you say, messy.