SeaWorld 50th Special MiceChat Event and Park Update

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A major milestone for SeaWorld is just weeks away and we’ve got some special news to announce. This week, we have a hard hat tour at Aquatica as we take a look at the new attraction being added this summer.  We also have a new episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcas.  So put on your wetsuit, and let’s dive in.


Announcing the biggest, splashiest MiceChat SeaWorld event ever: The MiceChat, SeaWorld 50th Anniversary Celebration!  Join MiceChat at SeaWorld San Diego (the park that started it all) for a day soaked in fun.  Click here for more details.

50th Construction Walls

Around SeaWorld Orlando, construction walls have popped up as elements of the 50th celebration are being added to the park.  The Sea Of Surprises Celebration starts on March 21st, and will last for 18 months,


At the park entrance, walls are up, however when we looked around the corner nothing has been installed yet, but we are sure that we will see something fun for the 50th here.


Walls went up around the Sea Gardens by the old Clydesdale building last week, and while we have heard that there is a new attraction slated to eventually replace this area along with the hospitality house, this construction is probably something for the 50th as of right now.





Aquatica Hardhat Tour

A few months ago, SeaWorld teased that “Nothing Taller” would be coming to Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando.   SeaWorld revealed that it would be a tower standing at 105 feet tall, with 4 slides, with 4 unique ride profiles.  3 of the slides will be drop slides, where the riders will stand in clear acrylic tubes with a clear floor below them, and will randomly be dropped.  The 4th slide will not be a drop slide, for those who are not as brave.







Aqutica VP Bryan Nadeu shared that each slide will be different with different length drops from 20 feet to over 40 feet.



SeaWorld flew a weather balloon to illustrate how tall the tower would be, and how high guests will soon be falling.



The translucent tubes will allow parks guests to view riders as they free fall.












Shamu Stadium

Back over at SeaWorld, construction on the show pool is progressing, as they have been resurfacing the entire pool, to provide a better environment for the whales.  We have learned that Dine With Shamu will return on April 14th, so guests can anticipate Shamu Stadium opening to guests before then.



SeaWorld has built a temporary roof over the show pool as they work on it.   From the sky tower you can also see the whales in the Dine with Shamu pool which is temporarily “Up Close with Shamu”




That wraps up this update.  We invite you to listen to the latest episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast with your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin as they talk about the Polar Plunge, the special 50th event that MiceChat will be holding on March 22nd at SeaWorld San Diego, along with a special interview with SeaWorld Rescue TV Star Pedro Ramos-Navarrete, as he talks about his experience at SeaWorld and on the hit TV show.

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    Great update Eric! I’m so excited for our San Diego 50th meetup! Can’t wait!

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    There is a SeaWorld alumni event as well. I am looking forward to that. Hmmmmm maybe 12 hours at SeaWorld that day.

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    Thanks for the update Eric.

    Nice to see that SeaWorld is keeping their parks current and adding to the overall experience. The new slides sound like a challenge worth taking. I look forward to experiencing them on my next trip.

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