MiceChat moderator Penguin Soda spent some time in Old Town Eureka and the surrounding area.

Recently I made a trip to Northern California to see my daughter graduate from Humboldt State University in Arcata. I spend a couple of weeks with her and her husband, and while we didn’t to has much “tourist” stuff as when I went 3 years ago, I still managed to take in some sights of the area.

There are three main industries in the area. (Other than the college). Fishing, lumber and dairy farms are a good part of the economy there.

One place we went to is the Samoa Dunes Recreation Area. This sits on the Samoa peninsula between the Humboldt Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

During WWII, the Coast Guard was in charge of… well… guarding the coast. There are still several of these ammunition bunkers all over the peninsula, where they stored supplies and ammo during the war. The area is now a 300 acre park, where you can hike on the beaches and dunes, surf, bird watch and use off highway vehicles.


Its also where they have a man made jetty protecting the entry into the bay, so the fishing ships and other ocean going vehicles can pass between the bay and the ocean. My daughter said that she has seen when the waves were so strong that they would come up over the top of the jetty and flood the area…..


But this day was actually clear and sunny (a pretty rare thing there) and people were walking the jetty, enjoying the cool ocean breeze and watching one of the fishing ships coming back in.


The Coast Guard still has an office building on the peninsula.


My daughter and her husband live in Eureka. The entire area dates back to the 1800’s, and many of the buildings and houses are of the Victorian era style. Just driving around looking at the architecture of the area fun. This mansion was build in the late 1800’s by one of the area’s lumber barons. Its now used as a private, members only club.


Across the street is an example of some of the beautiful Victorian style houses that fill the area. Many are used as businesses.


The part of town next to the bay is called “Old Town Eureka,” where they have revitalized the area and the buildings both for tourists and locals. This shot is looking town into the old town area from the mansion.


Again, all of the buildings date from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Many of the buildings have been restored, and various little mom and pop businesses fill them.



There is a small town square area, complete with gazebo and fountains.


There is even a horse drawn carriage that for a fee will take you on a tour of the down town area.



Many cities utilize building wall space to showcase the talents of various artists, and to help beautify an otherwise plan, ugly wall. The Chamber of Commerce has a flyer with information and a map of the walking tour of the murals around the Old Town area.


I absolutely love this building. Rededicated in 1990, its used as an actual theatre with live performances. I haven’t gone inside the building, but if my daughter and her husband end up staying in the area for a while maybe my next visit that will be on my to do list!


On the southern ends of the Old Town area is the boardwalk. This area was also revamped in 2001-02 into a beautiful little peaceful area along the water front of the bay.



You can also take a guided tour of the bay/ocean. I’m not sure what all it covers, but it was about a 75 minute tour that was offered.


The cocktail cruise probably would of been fun… 😀


And what picture of sea water is complete without a shot of a seagull?


The marina on the bay, full of boats. It was the middle of the week, and the entire area was very peaceful.

Next up… a cemetery, cheese and big trees. 😀