Micepod Listeners and MiceChat Readers, I’m excited to introduce you to the newest member of the MicePod family, THE SWEEP SPOT!   The Sweep Spot podcast is hosted by former Disneyland cast members (the Founder, Lynn Barron, is a former Custodial Cast Member) discussing Disneyland history, stories and exclusive interviews.

For the Micehat.com introduction, The Sweep Spot features some of the best guests they have had on the show over the year. A few are Disney legends, authors, and past Disneyland cast members.

  • Welcome to the MicePod, we are THRILLED to have you!

  • the sweep spot

    Thanks Dusty and Doug for the opportunity to be a part of your awesome website and community, we look forward to working with you all. Thank you to all the new listeners too, we have more great things to come! Thank You!!

    • Prof. Emelius

      One of my favorite podcasts. Welcome!!!

  • the sweep spot

    Thanks Prof. Emelius!