Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

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Published on June 16, 2012 at 9:28 pm with 11 Comments

Sir Clinksalot spent a day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It is located in Simi Valley, California and is 90 minutes north of Disneyland. It is the final resting place of our 40th president.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The entrance of the Library features a statue of our 40th president

The lobby features the seal of the POTUS

The Gipper

Statue of Ron and Nancy

The Presidential Library essentially tells the story of Ronald Reagan’s life

From his youth

His acting days

Governor of California

And of course his presidency

MiceChat Moderator VillainsFan takes her turn as President. I’d vote for her!

The Oval Office as it looked in the 80′s

The Resolute Desk which has been used by every president since Jimmy Carter, up to and including Barack Obama

President Reagan in the White House

One of the highlights of the tour is the Air Force One Pavilion

Marine One

One of the most amazing displays is the time which chronicles the end of the Cold War

The Reykjavik Summit

They also had a portion of the WTC on display. It was quite eerie to get so close and be able to touch a piece of 9/11.

The National Treasure Gallery has rotating exhibits. At the time of our visit there was a spectacular Mount Vernon exhibit. Beginning on July 6th this Gallery will be featuring the “Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives”.

Mount Vernon in 1799

The Bowling Green and West Side of the Mansion

The Entrance to North Lane

Statue of Washington

Fort Necessity

Outside the Museum is a piece of the Berlin Wall

As well as the President’s final resting place

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  • whamo

    President Reagan spent taxpayer money like a drunk sailor.

    • RatherBeAtDLand

      Uh, aren’t we supposed to be non-political on MiceChat?

      • kendoknight

        Yes, I think we should be non-political, so why is a presidential library on weekend update? Especially a controversial one.

  • Crazee4mm

    I live on the opposite end of Ventura County from the Regan Library and I occasionally go there to catch up on what’s going on. I am not political by any means but I do appreciate the gravitas of just what I am stepping into when I go there. I don’t think anything has ever moved me as much as standing in front of that piece of the Berlin Wall. I think I will have the same overwhelming feeling when I see the 9/11 fragment as well. So, regardless of which direction I lean politically, the Regan Library offers a great chance to experience the life of a larger-than-life man, the woman who loved him, and the legacy of what he accomplished. Besides, where else can you step onto an actual Air Force One??? I look forward to returning (especially when the Walt Disney Archives exhibit arrives) and fully expect to be overwhelmed all over again.

  • myrlton

    I think it is wonderful to hear a trip report to the Ronald Reagan Library. To quote the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all get along?”

  • jplanetx

    Yes this is fascinating photo report. I Live in the UK and have been to the Berlin wall museum also the “live at the DDR” exhibit both are fascinating places but still have heavy political overtones but I didn’t really mind.

  • sir clinksalot

    Thank you all for the comments.

    I actually found the museum to be quite non-political and just a great tribute to President Reagan. Even if you don’t agree with him politically you can’t deny that what he did to bring an end to the Cold War was amazing.

  • Athlonacon

    He got shot.

  • Weekend Update

    I chose to run this report because I personally enjoy seeing all of the great attractions that are available to us in Southern California. Those of you who try to politicize this report in any way are the ones who are grinding the axe, not MiceChat. Frankly, these lame attempts at creating controversy where there is none makes me question why I volunteer my time to edit and post the Weekend Update. This petty BS wears me out.

  • Timekeeper

    I enjoyed your article on the RRPL. I previously visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, it seemed equally balanced, as it was meant to show the man’s life from his birth to his death and to honor such a man in his library with his contributions to society and history; and with the rotating exhibits in the National Treasure Gallery that similarly presents moments from American History and how it’s connected to the president, with the upcoming Disney Archives Exhibit, and the connection to him, should be really good. I presume your’re going to cover a trip report about it?


    • sir clinksalot

      We will certainly try Timekeeper. I didn’t know the Disney exhibit was coming until after we went or I would have gotten the yearly pass.

      I’m sure “somebody” will be covering the Disney exhibit after it opens. :)