Let me introduce to you the newest member to the Micepod family, Dedicated to Disneyland Paris!  Make sure to check out the Micechat.com introduction episode.

A Word from the Creators of Dedicated to Disneyland:

Hey – it’s us Steve and Mark! Oh yeah, you’ve never heard of us. Well we are two guys from the UK who live a short drive, flight or swim from Disneyland Paris and like to talk about it. Now we get to to talk to all of you, as we have joined the MicePod network with our podcast – Dedicated to DLP! In this episode we talk all about what happened at the recent Disneyland Paris Annual General Meeting and what was revealed in the Annual Review. There’s a lot about the upcoming Ratatouille: The Ride, The LEGO Store and a tease about a character special. Plus we asked our listeners how they want the 22nd Anniversary to be celebrated, if at all.

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Doug Barnes is a Life Long Fan of Theme Parks and Roller Coasters as well as a fan of Podcasting. Doug has spent his entire life living and meandering under the California sky; regularly attending many parks including Disneyland, DCA, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (AKA-Marine World), California’s Great America (AKA-PGA), and more. Doug has toured all over the country in search of Great Themed Recreational Fun including Florida, Ohio, Texas, Nevada, Indiana, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri & more. Aside from his duties as master of ceremonies for the MiceChat Podcast, Doug owns the critically acclaimed Season Pass Podcast: http://www.seasonpasspodcast.com/

  • I’d like to personally welcome DtDLP to the MicePod! We’ve been speaking with these guys for many months now and have finally been able to bring them on board. So happy to have you here and can’t wait to listen in.

    This show is a lot of fun folks!

  • OprylandUSA

    I’m really happy MiceChat is introducing new content everyday, especially content that isn’t Disneyland (CA) specific, but can we veer away from the ‘pods’. The MicePod is full now. It’s time for some articles.

    Having said that, I look forward to listening to your DLP discussion.

    • There are absolutely new columns on the way (Very soon in fact). However, the MicePod is very quickly becoming a massive traffic generator for us and we will continue to grow it as well. Our goal is to have one new podcast every day.

      For folks on the go, the podcasts offer a way to listen to your Disney and theme park news without having to stop and read. And due to them also being posted on iTunes and Stitcher radio, they are a massive driver of new listeners/readers for us as well. Our podcast downloads combined nearly equal our page views. And the MiceChat Podcast is now our number one most read/downloaded item every month.

      We understand that podcasts (or any other specific column) may not be for everyone, but we try our level best to offer something new and fun every day. Usually 3 to 4 items a day (even on the weekend). That means we NEVER get a day off. And we do it all for FREE.

      As long as there is imagination left in this world, MiceChat will never be complete. And yes, there will be MANY more new columns, podcasts, events, videos and holograms or whatever else we can dream up in the future.

  • Professortango

    My problem with podcasts, is I often am multitasking on a computer. I check the site on my phone while grabbing lunch, browse it when watching TV, or have it up at work. None of these are places I can listen to an audible podcast. Reading articles and seeing pictures is something I can do anywhere, but podcasts, I rarely have the time to just sit and listen to something.

    • OprylandUSA


  • soundtracker

    I’m so glad the Dedicated to DLP podcast has been welcomed into the Micepod family. It’s far and away my favourite Disney podcast – I never miss an episode. I also think it’s really important that DLP is properly represented within the fan community. Our ‘home park’ has a lot to offer and, bad press aside, is too often overlooked by US Disney fans.