Welcome to Rumorville! This week we explore Disney theme park rumors. Rumors that are so ridiculous that guests believed them…some of them. Some Cast Members compete, un-officially, to see who can tell the biggest, tallest tale and convince guests to believe them.

Here are some of the top rumors that guests tell us or that Cast Members sometimes tell guests:

Rumor: The Dinos are REAL!

A guest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom inquired about why it took so long for Disney to open the new theme park. Some guests believed…yes believed…that the dinosaurs were real. Cast Members sometimes told them that it took Disney that long to figure out cloning technology. 


Rumor: Disney Bought an NFL Team

Some folks believe that Disney opened “Disney’s Wide World of Sports” with plans to acquire an NFL expansion franchise to play at the new complex and that a major NFL stadium was in the plans for phase three. Not only was this not true, at the time Disney owned two other professional sports franchises which at that time violated NFL rules in owning a team.

Rumor: Disney Airlines

Many, many rumors swirled about various companies being owned or bought by Disney. Quite a few guests once believed that Disney bought Eastern Airlines when “If You Had Wings” debuted at the Magic Kingdom. Of course, it did not help to dispel the rumors when some Cast Members were guilty for making them up!

Rumor: Disney-MGM Studios was a working film and production studio long BEFORE the park opened

There actually is a little truth to this as production did exist before the park opened. It just wasn’t Star Wars, Indiana Jones or movies featured in The Great Movie Ride. None of the attractions or shows based on those movies were “tributes” to films made at the same location years prior.

Rumor: Monorails race on the Epcot beam

This was actually true. Some mornings when trains were doing safety checks, they would begin at the Magic Kingdom toll plaza, and race to Epcot. This unofficial monorail recreational activity was put to a halt shortly after an accident a few years ago. **This practice was not an official company endorsed procedure and it DID NOT endanger any guests or Cast Members. There was never any potential for anyone to be injured as both trains were headed to Epcot anyway to test the anti-collision MAPO system. Due to the speed restraints in the teardrop the speeds were decreased from the speeds obtained during the “race.”


Rumor:The Haunted Mansion is Haunted

An oldie but goodie is that due to various construction worker mishaps, resulting in fatalities, the Haunted Mansion is truly haunted. If the Haunted Mansion is truly haunted (and who are we to say that it isn’t) it isn’t because of worker fatalities.

Rumor: Matching Five Legged Goat in small world

There is a goat in ‘it’s a small world’ with a fifth leg matching the mural located in the Grand Canyon Concourse at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. There isn’t.

Rumor: Private Getaways on Discovery Island

There are secret honeymoon bungalows located on what used to be ‘Discovery Island.’ Nope…that island is no honeymoon. More like a bitter divorce at this point. ‘Discovery Island’ was once in consideration to be the home of the Wedding Pavilion (Located between Disney’s Grand Floridian Beach Resort and Spa and Disney’s Polynesian Resort) That is the origin of that very bad rumor.


Rumor: Cinderella Castle Can Be Taken Apart

Some Cast Members to this day still tell guests that Cinderella Castle can be dismantled in the event of an approaching storm or hurricane. This one is more of a hazing rumor with fellow Cast Members but it has made its rounds with guests as a result.

And here’s a rumor for you to solve by posting “true or false” in the comments below. The answer will be published next week.

Rumor: Musical Speed Bumps

‘Zip-a-dee-doo-bumps’ were a concept to strategically place speed bumps that would allow Walt Disney World guests driving in cars to feel the rhythm of “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.”  TRUE or FALSE?

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