Rainy days wash out crowds as Captain America arrives at Disneyland

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Published on March 03, 2014 at 5:05 am with 42 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • OprylandUSA

    You can say what you want about attraction design, but the Adobe Illustrator work in the Captain America exhibit is fairly good. It’s beyond certainly beyond ‘doodling’.

    • Mattimation

      Agreed. The work actually encapsulates the minimalist graphic design of the propaganda posters of the 1940’s quite well. I think this artist isn’t being given enough credit.

    • randlev

      Agreed. That style is intentionally retro-futuristic/World’s Fair inspired, just like the Stark Expo of the Iron Man universe. If innoventions as a whole adopted that style and tone it could be a much more enjoyable and balanced attraction. Condescending pointing out that it was probably done in illustrator as a means of trying to show design knowledge falls flat.

      • jawknee

        but this is Andy Castro we’re talking about, the king of snark.

    • airick75

      Yea – I thought that comment was unnecessarily snarky as well. Someone worked hard on that display and is very talented. If it’s not liked, fine, but there’s no need to tear a particular person down.

      • jawknee

        but this is Andy Castro we’re talking about.

    • heysi

      After being positive in the past few reports, this week DatelineDisney returned to a snarky, negative attitude. Once again, everything is “not up to standards” or Disney is “attempting to cheat us” with low quality exhibits or unfinished OSHA fixes. DD needs to try waiting until things are finished before passing judgment.

      And I agree about the art work, it was a stylistic choice not a lack of caring about the display. Always look on the bright side of life……

  • DisneyLover66

    Interesting update and fabulous pictures! Thank you.

  • peoplemover1


  • Internitty

    Did they fix any of the animatronic problems inside Spash Mountain while it was down?

    • Internitty

      Splash Mountain… sorry it’s late

    • villagecreator

      Great update as always, but was hoping for more info about attractions that just wrapped up refurbishments. Any visable changes in Splash? How about Soarin?

      • Ben Auer

        I was wondering the same thing about Splash Mountain until I found this video that Howard Johnson posted on their Facebook page:


        To me it looks like they finally fixed their animatronics after a year of them all being down.
        As far as Soarin goes, last I heard they couldn’t get the 4K projectors to work right so until then it’s just the same ride.

  • Lakerfan3224

    Did the rumored Star Wars attraction for the finding nemo submarines get canceled?

  • eicarr

    I’m impressed with the Captain America exhibit. That popular Disney character that fits in perfectly at DL.

  • stevek

    I wish the rain on Sunday would have kept the crowds away as well. Was pretty busy during the few hours we visited both parks.

  • Fantasmic4

    Captain America is cheap looking but I wouldn’t criticize the Imagineer’s Adobe skills. The real problem is the lack of good funding into an attraction. The subs are most likely coming back and it makes sense. If the rumors are true that money is tight for the company, they probably are not going to do any major work till after the 60th, so they can focus their resources on that event.

  • lionheartkc

    Is it just me or does Cap’s shield look far more painted and far less anodized than the current movie shields? Seems to me that they wouldn’t overlook a detail like that.

  • MSVRider

    Personally, while I still need to see it first hand, I think the Captain America meet-and-greet looks amazing. I, too, agree with others that the artist’s skills should not be insulted. It is a very stylized and minimalist look that fits for Marvel.

    As for more Marvel attractions, I would love for them to add something beyond meet-and-greets (and, I love meet-and-greets). But, where would they put it at Disneyland right now and with what budget? You know they have the Star Wars re-theming of Tomorrowland that WDI is trying to prepare for once they’re given they’re given the go ahead. Again, I would love for the Disneyland Resort to include a Marvel attraction (or more), but I would rather it be planned out in a location that would be properly themed to the brand. I wouldn’t want to just have a slapshod attraction shoved into Tomorrowland or into Hollywood Land or wherever they would put it just to put in a Marvel attraction.

    I know WDI has Marvel ideas and is currently working on the Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland. More Marvel is coming, but I’d rather wait for something great and enjoy the meet-and-greets they have, fortunately, been bringing us.

  • airick75

    Has Space Mtn. ever looked so dirty? Wow.

    I don’t care if they built my favorite attraction ever, I don’t ever want to see the subs or the lagoon go away. It’s part of the essential fabric of Disneyland. I don’t care if only 12 people a day get to ride it in one person vehicles – it needs to stay. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I don’t want it to come at the expense of the lagoon and voyage.

    • airick75

      P.S. Can micechat add a “like” feature to comments as many comment boards have?

    • msjstricker

      I totally agree with you. The lagoon needs to stay a lagoon. I don’t really mind if the Subs go away, but that body of water is part of the Park’s history. Although, the way these little Disneyland pieces of yesteryear have been disappearing lately doesn’t give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about it.

      You think people freaked when the Court of Angels closed? Just think about the reaction if they cement over the lagoon… Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but I’m prepared for that to be a possibility sometime in the future. We just don’t have the space to do some of these things.

  • DLFan1995

    The Captain America costume really looks cheap and tacky. I seem to recall that the one they had at the D23 Expo looked a lot better than the DL version. What gives?

    • Amanda949

      Thank you! Something about the meet-n-greet pics was bothering me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The design of the attraction doesn’t bother me much. Is it ornate and detailed? No. But it’s kinda stylish in it’s own way. But that costume…Yikes! I took a look back to my photos from WonderCon last March, and there was a guy dressed as the Cap who had an AMAZING costume. His shield, helmet, everything was top notch! The Disneyland version isn’t even half as good. What a bummer. If memory serves, the guy from Wondercon was like a truck driver, or something. Yeah…I’m pretty sure Disney could’ve shelled out a little more cash for their Cap than that guy did.

  • erndog

    I’m I the only person bothered by the increasing number of meet and greets at the expense of real attractions? At WDW the Fastpass+ limits guests to three fast passes per day and meet and greets are listed as Fastpass attractions. Fastpass+ will be coming to Disneyland. With the cost of a one day visit approaching one hundred dollars is having meet and greets viewed as equal to actual attractions truly Disney magic?

    • Internitty

      Exactly and it’s not like you’re meeting and greeting Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr you’re only meeting a costume. No offense to the people playing the parts in the park they really do a good job but I could go to Comic Con and get heaps of pictures with a costume.

      • Internitty

        I really want to see things used in the actual film

    • Country Bear

      You are not. I agree completely.

    • airick75

      I agree, but the thing is, it seems people are lining in up in droves for these meet and greets and rate very highly in customer satisfaction. I’m sure they are relatively inexpensive to produce, so it’s a shame that it comes at the expense of major attractions.

  • ex-wdi

    As a correction, it’s highly unlikely that the Captain America exhibit came from Imagineering.

  • JL Skellington

    Let’s put artistic merit aside and point out what is objectively wrong about the Captain America exhibit: the grammar on one of the panels photographed.
    It should be
    “His abilities, unwavering courage, and “never say die” attitude HAVE made Captain America a living legend.”
    “His abilities, unwavering courage, and “never say die” attitude HAS made Captain America a living legend.”
    as in “these multiple things have made him a legend”. Plural subjects get plural verbs!


    • Internitty


    • ayalexander

      “Has” is the correct terminology for someone who is still living and breathing. You only use “have” when you refer to a dead person.

      • JL Skellington

        Is that right??? What’s the correct term for someone frozen in a block of ice? Or eternally trapped in a pocket universe?

      • CCS

        Uh uh, sorry. Wrongo. :\

  • Will G

    If I’m not mistaken, the first and second pictures of the DTD Starbucks work show a guy standing on the top rail of the scissors lift (OSHA violation) and I’m not certain his harness is anchored to anything (another OSHA violation) But it does look like one guy outside the lift on a ledge on the face of the building might have his lanyard attached to the lift (I can’t remember if that’s specifically a violation, but it’s not wise to attaché yourself to something you’re not in).
    But we have to wait forever (an exaggeration) for Space Mountain to get cleaned and Small World to re-open.

    It’s funny. But I wonder how often the new safety installations will be ignored by workers.

    And, yes, those could be outside contractors and not DLR employees standing on the scissors lift. But if they’re on Disney property, Disney gets a fine if an inspector sees it.

    Irony can be so… ironic.

    Will G

  • QuiGonJ

    Least Marty Sklar has been proven correct on the fact the subs will return. Hope they can finish the fixes on Magic Mountain soon so that can be washed off properly, since it looks like the rain didn’t do the trick.

    • Internitty

      Yeah the rain didn’t clean it because OHAS wouldn’t let God on the building without proper safety rails.

      • Country Bear


  • BradyNBradleysMom

    I wonder a few things about the Marvel meet and greets.

    Could they have done this on the cheap just to gauge reaction? This is the first time anything Marvel has been in Disneyland. Maybe they did this on minimal budget and declared it temporary in nature to see how people would respond to it.

    It could also be a way of breaking the ice and getting people used to Marvel being there. To me, it seemed so weird to be thinking about the Superheroes in Tomorrowland…but I like the Iron Man and Thor and Captain America things they are doing.

    The fact that people want the stuff to be more elaborate and permanent looking sure feels like this is a success with others as well.

    What I think is going on is that they wanted to start easing people into these ideas and that a bigger presence will come in the future.

    • Country Bear

      Good insights.

    • ayalexander

      I highly agree with you. I don’t think these Marvel meet and greets are the permanent “weenie”. I think they are a guinea pig run for whats to come. I’m not a big fan of Marvel but I have a deep understanding for the fans that enjoy it. So I thought: Wouldn’t it be cool if the innoventions building were given a Marvel themed show on the bottom just like Carousel of Progress or America Sings once was, and on the top floor could be a “hero headquarters” of such where you meet and greet with heroes and their technology? You could call the innoventions building “The Heroes of Marvel” or “The MARVELous Heroes” or “The Convention of Heroes”… I thought that’d be cool… I think I’d go see that… but I wouldn’t go see the stuff that is there now.