Recently, Erin (a Co-host on the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast) was able to travel to San Antonio to visit SeaWorld and check out the progress on the new Aviary being added to the Aquatica park. We also take a look at additions being made for the 50th anniversary celebration.  Additionally, Erin sat down with Aquaitca San Antonio VP Tim Morrow to talk about the future of Aquatica.


Aquatica Expansion

A few months ago we brought you the news that Aquatica would be expanding at SeaWorld San Antonio with a new aviary. The project will bring guests closer tropical wildlife as they stroll and/or float through this new immersive environment.


Let’s take a look at the construction site . . .







We sat down with Aquatica VP Tim Morrow to talk about this new expansion, and what guests can expect

MiceChat: The Aviary you are bringing to Aquatica San Antonio is very similar to the one currently at Discovery Cove in Orlando. Why are you brining attractions from Discovery Cove into Aquatica here in Texas?

Tim Morrow:  We really want people to get up close with the animals so they’ll develop a greater appreciation. It’s an experience that only SeaWorld can bring, and it sets us apart.






MiceChat:  What will the guest experience be like in this new aviary?

Tim Morrow:  We think that it will blow people away.  People here in Texas have never seen anything like this before. They might have been to another aviary, but they have never been to an aviary like this where the birds are this interactive, where you can also swim and float through it. Guests will walk through the waterfall and into another world.

MiceChat:  What do you want guests to take away from this experience?

Tim Morrow:  Like all of our experiences we hope that they take away a greater appreciation and understanding and knowledge of these animals.  Like a lot of our attractions, you are being entertained and educated at the same time. We hope that at the end of your day, you realize that you learned all these things, while having a great time… you lived this experience.

MiceChat:  How many different species of birds will there be?

Tim Morrow:  There will be over 300 birds of 50 species. We will have lots of different levels, where you will see birds from the top to the bottom of the aviary.

MiceChat:  Aquatica is a seasonal park, so what will happen with this attraction in the off-season?

Tim Morrow:  We are doing something special with this attraction, while Aquatica might close down for the colder months, we will have a side gate so SeaWorld guests can come in an experience the aviary during the fall season while Aquatica is closed.

MiceChat:  When will this new attraction open?

Tim Morrow:  We are planning on this opening memorial day weekend!  So come on down to SeaWorld Texas to join us for the grand opening!

While currently the aviary is just a lot of posts, and dirt, they are moving fast to get this attraction opened by the end of May.




MiceChat will be on location when the new aviary opens in May, and we can’t wait to explore this new attraction on Memorial day weekend!

We will wrap up this update with some shots from around SeaWorld San Antonio, to give you a feel for youngest SeaWorld Park.













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