Time Bandits…you thawing out yet? This week let’s take a trip through time. Some of these stories you may have heard similar versions of, but they still seem to keep repeating themselves. Remember if you have a story please share it with us at [email protected]!

Let’s see what the cast members have to share with us this week . . .

Presidential Debate

A few summers ago I was working in Liberty Square at the Hall of Presidents. I actually received this question on two different occasions while working there.


Guest: “Excuese me.”

ME: “Yes, sir how is your day going?”

Guest: “Great. I was just curious…why did they take Benjamin Franklin out of the show?”

ME: “Um…because he is not a president sir.”

Guest: “Oh he isn’t? Are you sure?”

ME: Yes sir…I am sure.”

Guest: “Ok, thanks!”


Every once in a while we have a ride stop at DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Sometimes when people get off (mostly kids but some adults) crying because they think they will get stuck back in prehistoric times with the dinosaurs.


At Spaceship Earth they added ride vehicle rotation videos years ago to remind or show guests that their “time machines” were rotating. People would panic when they did not see their party in the car behind them when the vehicle turned. They thought they were “lost in space.” More like lost in time!

Last Week’s Rumor Answer: Musical Speed Bumps

‘Zip-a-dee-doo-bumps’ were a concept to strategically place speed bumps that would allow Walt Disney World guests driving in cars to feel the rhythm of “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.”  TRUE or FALSE?

The answer is TRUE. The “bumps” were tested at STOLport (Short Take Off & Landing) and were decided against due to possible liability concerns related to damage done to guests cars.

This Week’s Rumor: Patriotic Rain

On Main Street U.S.A., in the Magic Kingdom, they leave the American flags flying on top of the buildings rain or shine. Let us know if you think this is TRUE or FALSE in the comments below.


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  • Wagi

    True…because they are not ACTUAL American flags. They have an odd number of stripes or stars, so aren’t covered by the Flag Code and can just remain in place.

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    Guessing that guest who was asking about Ben Franklin got Hall of Presidents mixed up with American Adventure at Epcot (which DOES feature old Ben).

  • DobbysCloset

    I hope some of the adults were crying with JOY about being stuck in dinosaur times. Having been a dinosaur fanatic since a very early age I personally would be ecstatic. In fact, in the British TV show “Primeval,” a pair of young lovers get stuck back in time over season break and have nothing much to do but survive…

  • blowfishies

    I say the answer is false. The banners on top of the buildings look like American flags, but have extra/missing stripes/star so they aren’t real American flags. There is only one American flag in the park, in town square and is taken down every day around 5 pm

  • Marko50

    Interesting. An answer of true and one of false…both for the same reason.