Welcome to a very special update from SeaWorld San Diego as they head towards their fiftieth anniversary kickoff next week!


New Entrance / Explorer’s Reef


About half of the new entrance has been opened up for guests, and it’s quite stunning!


On the left hand side is the new Tickets and Reservations area.

A closer look…


We’ll have to wait till March 21st to see this part, but from what we do see, it’s going to be quite incredible.

Sidenote: While in the area, you can hear the sound of a wave going off every couple of minutes along with new background music which really sets you in the mood.

Several new light poles have also been added.
The electronic ticket booths have returned…
…and the remaining buildings have a new look.
The temporary entrance is now behind walls.


Also behind walls is the entry of Explorer’s Reef…



However, the back half of the attraction has been opened up for guests.


It consists of two different touch pools…




And while the attraction isn’t entirely open yet, it seems like a big hit with guests!


It’s pretty impressive!



And for those wondering: about half of the old lawn is still there!


A Glimpse into the SeaWorld Store:


Let’s take a look into the SeaWorld Store, shall we?


The new retail shop has both indoor and outdoor sections. Here’s a look at the indoor section and some of the things you can purchase…

0022 0023 0024

Once you exit, you walk right into a plaza…


…which also is a great shortcut to Shamu Stadium.

A bit of this and some of that…

Shamu Stadium is getting a paint job!



A new design on the trainer’s entry door is being worked on.


Bay of Play is also getting some work done…


Here’s a look behind the walls…


Speaking of paint jobs, Pet’s Stadium is getting a new look!


Here’s a wider look…


Walls have also been placed on one side of the Animal Encounters attraction, undoubtedly for the 50th Anniversay “Sea of Surprises” event.

Sea of Surprises kicks off next week!


Speaking of the fiftieth anniversary, MiceChat is offering you the absolute best way to celebrate SeaWorld’s 50th Anniversary. Come experience Explorer’s Reef and the launch of the Sea of Surprises for yourself at this amazing MiceChat event . . .


Announcing one of our biggest and splashiest events ever . . . The MiceChat SeaWorld 50th Anniversary Celebration!  Join MiceChat at SeaWorld San Diego for a day soaked with fun.

    • Admission

    • Delicious Buffet

    • Animal interactions

    • Meet and Greet with SeaWorld Parks Creative Director, Brian Morrow

    • Front of the line access on Manta

    • VIP show seating

All for less than then cost of a single-day admission into the park!!!



Now, we invite you to listen to the latest episode of the Unofficial Seaworld Podcast with your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin as they talk about all the latest SeaWorld News for San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio.  In this episode they talk to Frank Todd, the Godfather of Penguins who built what people called “the impossible dream.”  So sit back relax and dive in!

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  • jcruise86

    THANK YOU for the update update, Joseph.

    I hope to see/read reviews from you of the San Diego Safari Park, Legoland and its hotel, the San Diego Zoo and the museums of Balboa Park, and (according to Krusty) the happiest place on Earth, Tijuana! 🙂

  • GDub80

    Fabulous update!!! I love reading the SeaWorld update! Thanks for taking time to go down there and visit that park and tell us all about it!

  • Thank you for your support everyone, our SeaWorld 50th Anniversary Event is now SOLD OUT. you can add your name to the waiting list by contacting [email protected] and requesting to be placed on the list.

  • Haven

    Sea World parks always do a beautiful job with their landscaping. Lots of color and variety, many layers of interest, right up there with Disney World. Keep up the beautiful work.

  • Eagleman

    Great Update….Thank You…….
    Lookforward seeing the new entrance..for my self!

    Just wish ,that Sea World….going have bigger Attraction for the 50th year
    for being the first 1st …Sea World,Park!
    I think,they could have done better…….

  • fnord

    When did Marineland open, and when did Sea World close it down?

  • EC82

    Are they really so cost-conscious that they don’t remove the “Christmas tree” lights after the holidays?

    • Westsider

      After Christmas the bulbs are changed to red/white/blue lights and the tower becomes a big American flag themed icon after dark. It looks particularly nice against the summer fireworks shows.

  • Westsider

    I’m going to wait until this whole thing opens and we get some more comprehensive photos. As it looks now, it’s a bit… underwhelming. I was expecting more, with a truly themed environment. These photos make the new area look not really themed and revolutionary, but instead it looks like just a pleasantly decorated theme park entrance.

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  • CreepyMonkey

    Great article Joseph. Thanks for the update!